Top 8 Hair Loss Prevention and Hair Growth Accelerating Shampoos [June, 2021]

Top 8 Hair Loss Prevention and Hair Growth Accelerating Shampoos

One of the things a great many people – not just women – would really like to find in a shampoo is something that could help their hair grow faster and stronger. The fact is that there are a growing number of shampoos on the market that claim to be able to do just that but do any of them really work? and if they do why do they work? This is our look at some of the most popular hair growth enhancing shampoos on the market right now:

This popular salon quality brand is specifically designed for and marketed to those who are looking for a way to stimulate increased hair growth. One look at the ingredients label and you will see that it is packed full of somewhat unusual ingredients. Most people are familiar with biotin but it also contains taurine , B vitamins, emu oil, copper peptides and even caffeine. Some of the ingredients are intended to help by adding omega 3 fatty acids to the hair while others act as anti oxidants, protecting hair from the very serious damage that free radicals in the environment can cause.

Why caffeine is added to shampoo is something that puzzles a lot of people. The fact is that some recent research has seemed to indicate that the topical application of caffeine may stimulate growth of hair. There has yet to be any conclusive studies completed that tip the scale either way on the issue though so using caffeine to stimulate hair growth is still more of a theory than a fact.

Often though you have to look at what those who have used the shampoo have to say before you even begin to form an opinion about trying it for yourself. This shampoo has gotten a lot of rave reviews, mainly from men worried about thinning hair and hair loss although the gents who reported the best results were those who had just started getting concerned about hair loss. Most of the men actually reported better hair regrowth results with this shampoo than they did with a  medication like Rogaine.

It should be noted that women who tried the product found it too harsh and drying, complaints none of the guys had so it may be a “men’s only” shampoo but for males if you go by user experience it seems to be worth a try although it is rather expensive.

This is a lighter, unisex shampoo that contains lots of great for your hair ingredients including biotin, Japanese Green Tea. saw palmetto and wheat germ. It is designed to be used with the matching conditioner and the two step system claims to be able to help repair damaged hair which encouraging faster growth of new, healthier, stronger hair.

Those who liked this shampoo were very happy about the way their hair felt after using it, softer, more manageable and easier to style. Whether or not it really speeds up hair growth was a matter of divided opinion, some users said they felt like their hard to grow out hair was finally growing faster while others said they really did not notice a difference. almost all of the users though did feel that the overall condition of their hair was greatly improved, especially those who had thick, coarse and/or chemically treated hair.

The first thing that should be noted is that if you are looking for an organic shampoo that is sulfate free this product is not (although that is clearly stated on the label) If the sulfates do not bother you though there are indeed some very hair friendly ingredients in this shampoo, especially the high levels of Vitamin B. This is also not a shampoo designed to regrow hair, just to thicken and strengthen the hair that exists.

People who liked this shampoo feel that it does an excellent job delivering on what it does promise, thicker looking, shinier hair that is easier to manage. A lot of people also really loved the nice, fresh smell and felt that their hair was cleaner than normal after using the shampoo.

This shampoo is an older product that has been available for far longer than many of the shampoos listed here and costs a lot less as well – on average it is sold for under $4 a bottle while many others cost $20 and up. With all of this in mind you might think that this is an old fashioned, cheap shampoo not worth trying but in fact it seems to have a great many loyal fans who would not use anything else.

In terms of ingredients the manufacturer calls its blend of botanicals  Cell-U-Plex and that includes rosemary, wheatgerm and chamomile. Those who love this shampoo feel it does an excellent job of making their fine hair look thicker, which is exactly what the shampoo claims it can do. This is a very no nonsense option and a good choice for daily use.

This is another shampoo that does not promise to regrow hair or even to really prevent hair loss, just to thicken, strengthen and volumize hair that is thin or rather flat. One of its more unusual ingredients is Hawaiian Kelp (seaweed) which is in fact a very rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, substances that not only strengthen hair and  help your hair grow faster but anti oxidants as well which protect hair from being damaged by the increasing number of free radicals that are in the air around us.

This is another shampoo that has a number of very loyal fans, many of them men. Many of these people feel that they are losing less hair since beginning to use the shampoo and they all seem to agree that in terms of the way it looks their hair appears a great deal thicker. The fact that this is a sulfate free shampoo is also a big plus in many people’s eyes.

This shampoo is, the manufacturers say, formulated using an old Mexican hair remedy that includes nettle extract, aloe vera extract, verbain extract, jojoba seed extract, espinosilla extract, chamomile extract and ginseng. The shampoo is designed to halt abnormal hair loss and help promote hair regrowth and there seem to be a number of people who feel that it has done just that for them and are very happy with the results they have experienced.

The one thing that all of these people do caution is that the results do not come overnight and that it will take several weeks of use before you will notice a real difference. What may be even more encouraging for some people though is that many of the users also reported visible hair regrowth in balding patches after several moths of constant use.

This is another sulfate free product that relies purely on all natural ingredients to cleanse the hair.

It contains Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Soapwort Extract, Birch Extract, Chamomile Extract, Plantain Extract, Silk Protein, Fenugreek Extract, Chia Seed Oil- Omega 3, Saw Palmetto Extract, Coco Glucoside (Coconut), Horsetail Extract, Carrot Root Oil, Nettle Root Extract, Capsicum Extract, Gotu Kola Extract and Panethol (an essential B Vitamin) and also contains no artificial dyes or perfumes.

Fans of this product feel that it does an excellent job in reducing hair loss and that it also leaves fine or dry hair far better moisturized without feeling oily in any way.

Of all the shampoos listed here this product seems to have the most fans and fans that are very passionate about the benefits of using the shampoo. The main ingredient in the formula is Argan oil, a substance used by Moroccan women for centuries to nurture their hair. These women were in fact onto something as argan oil, which is harvested from a fruit of the same name is packed full of omega 3 fatty acids and  Vitamins A and E.

The many fans of this shampoo feel that it does an excellent job at preventing hair loss and that it also does an excellent job of strengthening hair and adding extra moisture without adding oil.

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