50+ Great Purple Ombre Trends of 2021: Plum, Lilac, Lavender, Violet

50+ Great Purple Ombre Trends of 2021: Plum, Lilac, Lavender, Violet

I bet you would agree with me that purple ombre or balayage hair is hot, chic, and absolutely up-to-date.

Some may think that unnaturally colored, vibrant hair is too bold and defiant, but we just can't help falling in love with the incredible hues that the hair dyeing industry lavishly bestows upon us.

From pastel to electric purple shades, such as lavender, lilac, violet, mauve, mulberry, magenta, eggplant, and plum are a huge opportunity for imagination and experimentation.

So being crazy about mermaid hair options myself, I've put together some breathtaking purple ombre combinations and answered a few questions about bright hair, color fade, and cost of salon dying.

metallic purple ombre hair

by @jazzyydoeshair

I really would like to dye my hair purple. What should I know before do it?

#1. Bleaching

Unless your hair is naturally blonde, you will have to bleach it. The majority of bright dyes are semi-permanent, so they can’t make your hair any lighter than it already is.

Therefore, you can’t dye your black, dark hair ombre purple without bleaching first. If you want hues of lavender, lilac, mauve, grey, denim, etc., that belong to the pastel color spectrum, your hair should be as light as possible. Yellowish tint received after bleaching mixed with bright semi-permanent dye can cause dirty and uncertain (or suddenly green!) hair coloring. That’s why delicate violet, for example, could require multiple bleachings, causing great damage to the hair.

Good news though! Several quality professional dyes are almost safe, for example, the Goldwell series from Germany. 
But the bad news… Professional dye usage implies some experience. 

#2. Draco Malfoy's Hair

Dark brown to platinum hair transformation can’t happen after one dyeing session. You probably will need 2-3 sessions (wait at least 3-4 days between them) in order to achieve a desirable blonde tone without totally ruining your locks.

Consequently, you should prepare for yellowish strands to show up – here we remember all the memes about Draco Malfoy’s hair – and anticipate changing your hair styling routine for a while.

Specifically, do you best at conditioning, moisturizing, oiling, and enriching your hair before, during, and after bleaching.

#3. Ask For Professional Help

If you are new to hair dyeing, ask for professional help at least the first few times.

After a while, you will get used to dye titles and specifications and techniques used by hairstylists that are most suitable for your hair, and you won’t have to spend much money for hair coloring. In addition, you will better understand articles and Youtube videos about hair dying.

#4. Love Your Hair As Never Before

After achieving your perfect color, invest your time and money not only in healing your hair but also in saving hair color. So try any biotin-enriched or organic shampoo, conditioner, mask, etc., for color-treated hair.

#5. Color Is Going To Fade

As the majority of bright dyes are semi-permanent, be prepared to renew you color every 1-4 weeks. Besides hair dye quality, this period depends on how often you wash your hair and how often you walk in the sun with no parasol.

A great way to slow the process down is to wash your hair with a cold water.

by artist @katkolors

#5. Attention Is All Yours Now

At the moment, a great number of celebs rock unnaturally colored hair. So your luxurious mermaid hair that cost you $300 and 2 8-hour days in the salon will probably bring you a lot of admiration and favor. But sometimes a lot of attention can be bothersome.

vivid fuchsia and deep purple hair

by Artist @elissawolfe

I want get my hair dyed purple ombre; how much will that cost?

I’m sorry to say that, but it will not be a cheap deal.

In case your hair is darker than the color you desire, you will need to add the cost of a bleaching, toning, and a treatment that you need to get before dyeing your hair in something vivid or pastel. And as we know, there can be a need for more than one bleaching session.

In addition, bright dyes are more expensive than usual because they are rarer. Actually, some bright dyes may even not be in stock at a salon, so they will have to order it.

So let’s add up the cost (prices depends on density and length of hair):

  • A full foil highlight (bleaching) – $40-$100
  • Olaplex hair treatment – $35
  • Toner (to avoid yellow tones) – $20
  • Bright ombre/balayage (depends on complexity) – $20-$100

Total: $115-$255 in whatever local salon for shoulder-length hair.

A tip you may consider:

Go for professional bleaching, lightning, and hair treatment to a hairdresser - as it's a complicated process. Leave the second part of coloring process, which is easier and more creative, for yourself or a like-minded friend.

Here we've put together best purple dye brands: Arctic Fox, Manic Panic, Punky Colour, Unicorn Hair.

Best purple hair dye brands

Purple Dye


  • check
  • check
    100% vegan
  • check
    Doesn't contain harmful chemicals (no peroxide, no ammonia, no PPD)
  • check
    Suitable for frequent use
  • check
    Conditions hair and restore vibrancy
  • check
     Long lasting
  • check
    World famous dye of unusual hair colors
  • check
    100% vegan
  • check
    No mixing required
  • check
    Provides highlights for darker hair
  • check
    Fades gradually
  • check
     Vivid and hot hues
  • check
    Intense and vivid color
  • check
    100% vegan conditioning cream that softens hair
  • check
  • check
    Brilliant highlights on darker hair
  • check
    Works as toner for yellowith hair
  • check
     Lasts up to a month
  • check
    Electric, vibrant color 
  • check
    100% vegan
  • check
    Washes out gradually to a pastel tone
  • check
    Suitable for mixing with other colors to create balayage, ombre, or holographic locks
  • check
    Ready to use
  • check
    Great scent

What color does purple hair dye fade to?

A color of fading locks depends on the quality of dye and the tone of your bleached hair. Ideally, purple color will slowly fade to the pastel pink spectrum.

However, a number of colors related to purple are growing. They already include violet, lavender, lilac, mauve, magenta, fuchsia, and some periwinkle tints. Some of them are going to fade into grayish blue while others will fade to dusty rose.
I once used a bad-quality deep purple dye that turned my yellowish locks to nasty green.

Purple Ombre and Balayage Hair Ideas

Incredible mermaid hair

turquoise purple and blue ombre hair

Photo by hair artist @uggoff

Electric plum and vivid blue streaks on dark hair

purple and blue ombre textured bob

By hair artist @msnataliejean

Lavender and turquoise ombre on dark hair

purple and blue ombre hair

By artist @pink_nouveau

Magenta, blue, and gray cornrows with a sassy undercut

purple and blue ombre cornrows

by Artist @clairecutshair

Deep blue, muave, bright purple, and cinnamon mermaid braid

by Artist @hairbyfranco

Delicate chestnut to lavender balayaged bob with a few streaks of blue

by Artist @purplehairaffair

Modern layered shag with a purple crown and indigo tips

purple and blue ombre 2 lavel shag

by Artist @hairbyfranco

Blue and muave overflows on beachy waves

lavender and blue ombre hair

by Artist @hairbyfranco

Grayish olive, vivid blue, and fuchsia colorful combination on hair

ash turquoise purple and blue ombre hair

by Artist @kateloveshair

Violets, lilacs, lavenders, silvers, mauves on long black hair

black and violet ombre hair

by Artist @uggoff

Violet highlights and tips on dark long hair

black and lavender ombre long hair

by Artist @hairby_gloria

That Violet And White Root Vibe 

by Artist @nealmhair

Dark option of unicorn hair with denim, fuchsia and gray streaks on brown hair

brown and purple blue ombre hair

By artist @hairbyelm

Blonde blue-purple ombre dip dyed hair 

By Artist @meowspurrfecthair

"I love this textured, messy pony style!"

by Artist @hotforbeauty

Mauve roots and lavender tips

gray to purple ombre hair

by Artist @bleachedandblown

Icy electric purple and violet ombre

rusty pink to lavender ombre hair

By Artist @hairbymorrgaann

Deep orchid and mauve balayage

light purple air touch ombre hair

by Artist @hairhunter

Pearly purple balayage on dark hair

light plum ombre hair

by Artist @megryanhair

Dark purple ombre

pink and purple ombre hair

by Artist @kylierose_hairartist

Light purple and pink ombre hair

Pastel unicorn hair

Pink and purple ombre hair

Dark purple ombre on long hair

Magenta ombre on black hair

by @nikkibuchicchio

Deep purple dip-dyed hair

Dark purple and magenta balayage with blue streaks

Purple ombre with mulberry, teal, and gray streaks

Pearly purple and metallic rose balayage

Maroon and purple ombre on dark hair

Mermaid purple hair with subtle oragne and blue streaks

Purpureus and mauve balayage on black hair

by @hairbyfranco

Vidid deep purple bob

Silver purple ombre hair

Violet and purpurous 2-level bob

ombre purple textured 2 levels bob

Golden rose and purple ombre

lavender and light brown ombre

By Artist @kayleesmileyhair

Brown to purple hair

gray and purple balayage hair

by @venalove

Dark brown hair with purple tips

deep purple highlights

By Artist @hairbykheylitristen

blue plum silky ombre hair

by Artist @taylorrae_hair

Purple ombre short hair

purple-esque undercut

By Artist @pink_nouveau

Metallic purple hues melt

grey blue and mauve purple ombre hair

By Artist @kristi_mac_of_hair

Hot pink and purple ombre

fuchsia to purple ombre hair

By Artist @hairbystephscissorhands

Dark hair with purple and blue ombre

deep blue and purple long hair

by Artist @hairbykristinamarie

Black to purple ombre long hair

dark purple and black ombre hair

By Artist @thejesjewel

Pearly purple and golden pink melt

purple and mauve ombre hair

by @msnataliejean

Dark hair with magenta ombre

purple and fuchsia ombre hair

by @hairbyfranco

Electric purple and neon violet ombre

electric purple ombre hair

by @thejesjewel

Black hair with purple and blue tips

deep purple and blue ombre hair

By Artist @cassderosa