50+ Great Ideas of Purple Highlights In Brown Hair [June, 2021]

50+ Great Ideas of Purple Highlights In Brown Hair

Are you considering leaving your comfort zone and trying a new, offbeat hair color? Purple is a perfect option!

Not only is it the peak of fashion this year, but it is also truly versatile for any skin tone and hair type, is quite easy to achieve, and gives you an edgy yet spiritual look.

If you are not ready for a huge commitment involving a full head of purple hair, try our ideas for purple highlights.

How do you add purple tips or highlights to brown hair?

There are 3 main options for those who decide to take the plunge into purple hair:

Let’s define some details of each option

  1. Bleaching + semi-permanent hair dye or toner

Should you bleach your hair before dyeing it purple?

Yes, you should. If you have black, dark brown, or brown hair – 1-5 level on a hair color chart – a purple dye, which often comes in semi-permanent or toner form, will not be visible.

If you want a pastel or fancy unicorn kind of mane, you will have to lift your hair color level up to 10 (lightest blonde) to rock it.

Keep in mind that the healthiest way to bleach black or dark brown hair up to lightest blonde is to do it gradually: 3-4 levels at one hairdresser appointment – or 2-3 with a mild developer if your hair is damaged – in intervals of a week or so.

If your hair is light brown or dark blonde and you want to try an intense palette of purple shades, you can go without bleaching, but the end result could be a color that is slightly different from what you had aimed for.

If your hair is brittle and damaged, you really should dedicate 2-4 weeks before visiting the hairdresser to restoring it using conditioning masks, for example, this one.

After bleaching, which can be a laborious and tricky process better left to a hairdresser, you can purchase one of any direct dyes such as Pulp Riot or Joico to experiment with your hair at home.

The most popular brands of purple hair dye among colorists include Joico Amethyst, Pravana Violet, PulpRiot Violet, and Manic Panic Deep Purple Dream

2. Color Extensions

Applying hair extensions is the simplest and safest way to obtain shiny unicorn hair without expensive and time-consuming salon or home hair-dyeing procedures.

If your hair is dry, fragile, and fine, extensions will give you easy thickness and volume whereas hair dying can make your hair even more damaged.

You can use extensions for hair color experiments or for special events, among other things.

Below, we've found some examples of hair extensions in purple shades:

3. Hair color spray and chalks

Hair color chalks are a great compromise between bleaching+dye and extension options. Producers promise vibrant colors – on both blonde and brunette hair – that could be easily washed out in the shower.

They are easy to apply, especially those that are designed to be applied with a comb. They are also fairly inexpensive and are absolutely safe, even for kids.

What are the best accent highlights for dark brown hair?

Plum, amethyst, periwinkle, mauve, magenta, and violet – but this is not a full list of this year’s fashionable purple hair color options that beauty brands are glad to offer us.

So, how do you choose the most flattering color for your brown or dark hair?

Consider your skin undertone because it defines what color – red or yellow – prevails in the skin.

People with a prepotency of yellow in the skin have a warm undertone and should choose warm purple hues that are in the red-violet palette. Those with a cool skin undertone may try purples in the blue-violet palette.

deep purple highlights hair

Warm purple / photo by artist @uggoff

purple haze multi colored streaks on dark hair

Cool purple / photo by artist @katkolors

To know what your undertone is, check the color of your veins on the inside of your arm in daily light (for best precision):

  • If your veins are green, your undertone is warm. The purple shades that will suit you are magenta (pink + purple), plum, eggplant, or red grape;
  • If your veins are blue, your undertone is cool. Try pastel variations of purple, periwinkle, lavender, lilac, or indigo (blue + purple);
  • If your veins are not blue neither green, your undertone is neutral. Try dusty mauve (grayish pink and purple) which actually works for everyone.

How do you prevent hairthat is dyed purple from fading quickly?

  • Use a special shampoo for color-treated hair. To minimize color fading over time, we recommend using organic shampoo, which doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that wash color pigments from your hair.
  • Wash your hair as infrequently as possible –try once a week – and use a dry shampoo instead.
  • Cover your hair when in the sun, which can speed up color fading.
  • Rinse your hair in cold water.
  • Use heat protectant while curling and styling hair to keep the color fresh and bright.
  • Refresh your hair color every 3-4 weeks as the majority of unnatural dyes only lasts approximately 6 to 12 washings

Pretty Purple Highlights Ideas For Dark Hair

Rainbow streaks on dark hair

dark hair with purple rainbow highlights

by artist @pulpriothair

Mullberry and indigo melt

deep purple highlights hair

by artist @uggoff

Subtle purple streaks on dark brown hair

subtle purple streaks on dark hair

by artist @courtgannhair

Amethyst pops on dark bob

black bob with purple highlights

by artist @bubblesbarracksroad

Electric purple tips on auburn long hair

dark hair with purple highlights

by artist @oh.lala.hair

Deep fuchsia tips on wavy bob

black hair with purple highlights

by artist @mariamichela214

Purple balayage and cappucino long hair

brown hair with purple tint

by artist @champusalonjh

Dusty purple and mauve textured bob

purple streaks in brown hair

by artist @prettycoloredhairs

Indigo and teal streaks

dark brown hair with green and purple highlights

by artist @unfade_carson

Amethyst and deep violet highlithts

Magical berry color streaks on black hair

dark brown hair with blue and purple highlights

by artist @shell.vega

Amethyst highlights on brown hair

purple brown hair color

by artist @chopalinka

Pastel amethyst babylights on dark brown hair

babylights on chestnut hair

by artist @unfade_carson 

Deep purple box coloring on brown hair

purple highlights on short hair

by artist @mmtrfmv 

Pops of violet and indigo on black hair

indigo purple streaks on dark hair

by artist @shell.vega

Dark amethyst tint on black wavy hair

dark amethyst tint on dark hair

by artist @shell.vega

Unicorn underneath dark brown hair

purple rainbow underneath dark hair

by artist @shell.vega

Lavender ombre on brown textured bob

lavender balayage on brown textured lob

by artist @ashleynoellehair

Berry and dark violet tint on dark hair

dark hair with purple and burgundy highlights

By artist @venalove

Metallic hand painted purple to violet melt on black hair

dark hand painted balayage

By artist @hairbyfranco

Peek-a-boo purple highlights on dark brown hair

dark purple highlights

by Artist @aaashleee

Shades of purple and pink on dark hair

Shadow roots with berry, indigo, and teal streaks

shadow roots with purple streaks

by artist @katkolors

Purple haze streaks on dark hair

purple haze multi colored streaks on dark hair

by artist @katkolors and @ @hairfairykc

Amethyst and blonde streaks on dark hair

amethyst and blonde streaks

by artist @divinehairbymorgan 

Succulent, magenta, and deep purple blend on mahogany hair

purple highlights in brown hair

by artist @uggoff

Electric purple and dusty mauve highlights

brown and purple hair

by artist @msnataliejean

Purple hair tattoo undercut

purple highlights on brown hair undercut

by artist @hairbycela

Ashy pink, indigo, teal, and neon purple on milky chocolate brown hair

dark brown purple hair

by artist @heididoeshair

Vivid teal and purple peek-a-boo highlights

dark brown purple hair underneath

by artist @heididoeshair

Gorgeous burgundy, golden mauve, and fuchsia blend

dark brown hair with purple tips

by artist @cuspian.artistry

Deep purple, magenta, and rose gold highlights on ashy brown hair

brown hair with purple tips hairstyle

by artist @heididoeshair

Amethyst and dusty mauve hi-lights on dark hair

brown hair with purple tips and undercut

by Artist @playwithscissors

Mystic metallic purple blend

brown hair with purple tips

By artist @caitlintyczka

Ashy teal, pastel purple, and denim highlights 

dark brown hair with purple pastel highlights

by @katkolors

Subtle purple and caramel highlights on chestnut brown hair

dark brown hair with purple highlights

by @rach.does.hair

Purple mermaid hair balayage on dark hair

dark brown hair with magenta highlights

by artist @katkolors

Ashy brown hair with dusty purple and denim tips

brown hair with purple highlights

by artist @katkolors

Soft magenta to cotton pink blend on brown hair

brown to purple and pink hair

by artist @covenkc

Purple waves on dark brown hair

brown to blue-purple hair

by artist @covenkc

Light brown hair with purple, teal, and violet highlights

purple brown hair color

by artist @covenkc

Subtle streaks of indigo and magenta on black hair

unicorn buns with indigo and deep purple streaks

by artist @shell.vega

Brown hair with purple underneath

 Touch of Purple makes a World of Difference

by Artist @jenhagyhair

Short unicorn hair

purple brown hair color pixie

by artist @pink_nouveau

Amethyst highlights on dusty brown hair

purple streaks in brown hair

by Artist @mirandavselvis

Crimson, yellow, teal, and purple streaks in brown hair

purple streaks in brown hair buns

by Artist @elissawolfe