25 Edgy Pixie Undercut Ideas To Try Right Now! [June, 2021]

25 Edgy Pixie Undercut Ideas To Try Right Now!

If you’ve ever thought about trying a pixie haircut, these choices will have you running to your stylist. From super short and super blonde to etched with artwork and colors that will dazzle you, the possibilities are endless. Try a deep purple, or an assortment of cotton candy pastels, or maybe a show stopping fuchsia or platinum blonde. Add some etched- in lines or creative work to enhance the color and intensity of the cut. Slick it back, pump it up, push it forward or off to one side; whatever you choose you’re sure to love the pixie in you!

#1. Soft & Sexy Pixie

This sexy undercut pixie is perfect for a girl on the go. Gorgeous blonde with some dark underneath, it’s easy to style and goes from morning to night effortlessly. Add a bit of texture spray followed by some pomade for shine, and you’ve got the perfect look.

#2. Fringy Multi-Colored Pixie

Light blue-green and lavender make this beautiful pixie shine. With some fringy points around the face and the dark underneath, the color adds dimension and fun. Add to that the fullness in the crown that creates texture and volume and you’ve got one gorgeous style.

#3. Sassy Pixie for Fine Hair

This soft pixie is perfect for fine and/or thin locks. Air dry and scrunch for volume and texture; blow dry with some pomade for shine and control. The darker pieces underneath are just right for adding depth to make fine hair appear thicker. Easy to style and easy on the eyes.

#4. Rainbow Pixie with Longer Top

This rainbow look is created for fun and dazzle. Lots of length on top puts a different spin on the traditional pixie. Mix and match colors that speak to you; short with precise etching makes this a work of art, and the extra length gives it lots of possibilities.

#5. Beautiful Auburn Pixie

This short all around and long on top pixie is perfect for the working professional and the girl who wants to have fun. Push it right or left depending on your mood. Create high volume or dress it down to change it up. Sassy, sexy and shows off your eyes like no other.

#6. Short Clean Pixie with Long Bang

side pixie cut

This super short pixie with side-swept top is great for fine and/or thin hair. Short all around with some color depth underneath and at the root, this silvery blonde is just trendy enough keep up with you. Some shorter pieces add volume to the crown, and the longer bang is soft and sexy.

#7. Platinum Pixie

Perfect for your fine or textured platinum locks. Super short back and sides work up to textured volume in the crown and a longer bang for soft face framing. Push forward from the crown or off to one side or the other. This versatile look is sure to get you noticed.

#8. Precision Pixie with Sharp Lines

edgy pixie cut

This super short pixie is precise and perfect. With sharp lines and the gorgeous platinum color, you’re sure to love this look. Pump it up for fullness on top and in the crown, slick it back for a trendy alternative. Add texture and/or pomade to shine it up and have some fun!

#9. Slate Pixie with Etching

Dark brown and slate colors make this trendy pixie sparkle. With precise lines and some extra length to play with, you’ve got just the right look for day into night. Sharp lines define the sides, volume on top and crown let you really show it off. Straight back, or pushed to one side or the other, you can’t go wrong.

#10. Baby Blonde Pixie

Perfect for baby fine hair, this pixie gives the illusion of bulk, with length in the front and stacking in the back. Make it big or slick it down. The soft almost platinum blonde makes a stunning statement. You can wear to either side, with textured finish or smooth shine. All the options are waiting for you.

#11. Creative Design Pixie

shaved pixie cuts

With precision etching in the back, this pixie looks just as great leaving as it does upon entering. Full in the crown and longer in the front, the look is super sexy and alluring. Pick whatever design suits you, go with some chocolate brown and buttery blonde, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

#12. Artistic Design Pixie

This bold pixie is great for thick, textured hair and finer hair alike. Super short all around with artistic detailing, it shows off your beautiful face and is fun as well. Pick the design that’s right for you, go super short all around, pump it up or slick it back. The unique possibilities abound!

#13. Buttery Blonde Pixie

This fabulous pixie is super short underneath and leaves some length above to have fun with. Soft blonde compliments the look perfectly. This design is great for fine and/or thin hair as it gives the illusion of more, with short sides and back and length in the crown and top. Blow dry for volume, and finish with a little pomade shine. Perfect!

#14. Platinum & Purple Perfection

This sweet platinum and purple confection is sure to get you noticed. Short all around with extra length in front, the colors are a perfect compliment to the detail of the cut. Extra purple in front adds depth, fullness in the crown accents the platinum and makes this creation shine! Dress it up or down but you can’t hide the beauty in this creative ‘do.

#15. Red and Gold Pixie Gem

Gorgeous red and gold colors compliment this multilayered pixie. Chunky stacking and shattered pieces together make this a bold and beautiful style. From super short underneath working up to full and textured in the crown, to the just short enough bang, it all works together to make a bold yet blended statement.

#16. Cotton Candy Rainbow Pixie

Soft cotton candy pastels and buttery blonde make this pixie fun and sexy. Super short back and sides combine with precise artwork to make this style a must-have. Combine whatever colors speak to you, choose your etching and you’ve got a trendy style worth talking about.

#17. Deep Purple Edgy Pixie

Deep purple in color and chunky on top, this striking pixie shows off your eyes and your bolder side. Air dry with fingers and add some pomade for shine and you’re off. Blow dry with some texture spray for a more industrial look. Either way this sharp, beautifully hued cut is just what you’ve been asking for.

#18. Aqua Soft Pixie

A softly textured pixie with a beautiful aqua hue to compliment your look. Short underneath with a soft brown color for depth, this aqua creation is great for your fine and/or thin hair, adding texture and volume. Mess it up and go, slick it back for a more detailed look. Sweep to one side or the other, pull it all forward from the crown. Lots of possibilities!

#19. Blonde Bombshell Pixie

short hair with undercut

This soft and sweet pixie is just perfect! The buttery blonde is just the right color to show off the transition from short to longer, with a bit of texture through the top and back. Throw in some gel and work with fingers until dry; blow dry smooth and sleek; push to one side or the other. Lots of choices with this stunning pixie!

#20. Artistic Beauty

The beauty is in the details. The etching blended with just the right colors make this pixie a show stopper. Great for textured and fine hair alike, this is just the look for day to night glam. Precision etching accents the beautiful lines of the volume above, and you can style it any way you like.

#21. Silver Foxy

With the silver color that’s oh-so-trendy this pixie nails it in style. Soft and short at the front as well, it’s so easy to get a great look. Worn to the left or right side, slicked back or all coming forward, you can’t lose with this stylish cut. Perfect for baby fine hair, it adds texture and volume and shows off your eyes like no other.

#22. Fuchsia Fantastic

short pixie cuts with long bangs

This deep fuchsia creation is a real attention getter. Worked into textured pieces over the top of a medium blonde, it’s edgy, trendy and gorgeous. So easy with the super short sides and back, all you have to do is scrunch or blow dry the top, add some shine and go. Shows off all your assets and is up to the minute style conscious.

#23. Peachy Pink Jewel

This soft peachy pink is so trendy right now! Short all around and long on top for lots of versatility, you can have tons of fun with this sexy pixie. Extra long bang gives you options for different looks: one side or the other, slicked back, part in the middle for a unique bob look. So many ways to have fun and look great.

#24. Trendy Slate Undercut

With its up to the minute slate color, this pixie is sure to make you feel current and beautiful. Undercut in the back with some extra length on top and sides, there is much to work with to change the look to match your mood. Can be worn to either side, long bang for versatility and can be dressed up or down. Discover all the possibilities!

#25. Long on Top Pixie

This creative pixie changes it up for a glam look. Shorter underneath and longer on top, it’s a versatile look that can change with whatever you’re feeling. Shorter sides, a bit longer in the back and working up to lots of length and fullness on top gives you many options for styling. Short areas can be covered with top length or shown off with pulling it back. Sweet and sexy for sure.