Fashion Forward Hair Colors that are Still Office Appropriate [June, 2021]

Fashion Forward Hair Colors that are Still Office Appropriate

It is quite a dilemma. You would love to be more fashion forward and experiment with some new hair colors but you also now that if you get too wild with your look the bosses at work will certainly not be happy.

Before you resign yourself to a life of hair color boredom here are just a few examples of hair colors with that little extra pop and edge you are looking for that would still be considered professional enough for the office:

Jet Black with a Color Pop – Jet black hair, the color that the Wicked old Queen envied so much on Snow White – is a striking look sure to draw a little more attention to you, especially if opt for a blood red lip color to match it.

jet black

To make the look even more interesting add some subtle color streaks. Dark blues, purples and reds are all subtle enough that they should not break any office dress codes but still add extra drama to an already trendy, modern look.

katy perry black purple

Platinum Blonde – Platinum blonde is a classic color, forever associated with the elegant glamour of the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. A perfect platinum dye job does take work to maintain (those roots come fast) but its a look that tuns heads without breaking any office rules.

platinum hair

Lavender Blonde – A lavender shade of blonde is the perfect choice for the corporate gal who would love to be more outrageous with their hair but knows their position prevents that. The hue is a choice that will be seen as unexpected but is unlikely to be frowned on too hard and the subtle color pop will warm up a pale complexion beautifully too!

lavender hair color

Golden Browns – Adding gold tones to a ashy brown color creates a look that is warm, flattering and interesting that is also still totally grown up and professional.

Golden Browns

Golden Brown

Ombre and Reverse Ombre – Ombre hair – dark roots that blend into lighter ends – is one of the hottest hair color trends of the year. As long as it is done the right way, the colors must blend, not settle in skunk stripes, ombre hair can be stunning and achieved in shades from dark brown to light blonde.

reverse ombre

For an even more unexpected but still office friendly look try a reverse ombre, light roots than blend into dark ends.

Red and Hot Pink – Hot pink for the office? Never is probably what you are thinking. However it can be pulled off in subtle style if used as an accent in bright red hair.

red and hot pink

Golden – If you have paler skin platinum blonde can leave you looking washed out rather than glamorous. A golden shade however will still give you the light look you crave while warming a cooler complexion beautifully.

golden hair

Soft Red – Titian blonde, also known as soft red, is a look that has been turning heads for decades. It offers almost the perfect balance between red and blonde and is elegant and mature but never boring.

soft red hair