12 Short Haircuts For Women Over 50 With Gray Hair [June, 2021]

12 Short Haircuts For Women Over 50 With Gray Hair

If you look up the word gray in a thesaurus you end up with some really quite depressing synonyms; gloomy, dingy, drab, somber, the list goes on and on. Therefore it’s no wonder that so many women try so very hard to disguise the fact that they are going gray.

Things are changing though. Spurred on by the glamorous celebrity ladies who have decided to embrace their gray hair – including Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, Judy Dench and Sharon Stone to name just a few – more women are coming to realize that gray hair is not a curse and may even be a blessing. Why? Allow us to explain.

hairstyles for women over 50 with gray hair

The first advantage obviously is that you will no longer be dyeing your hair, an advantage for both your hair itself and your pocketbook. Even if you never used bleach, permanent hair color of any kind affects the structure of your hair in a negative way!

The second benefit, according to many women, is a mental one. They say that by making the decision to ‘go natural’ they feel empowered and have a new sense of freedom.

Lastly, by allowing your natural hair color, as it is no, to shine through you will find that suddenly everything – your hair, skintone, eyes and eyebrows – look far more harmonious and natural.

Caring for Your Gray Hair

You will probably need to make some changes to the way you care for your newly natural gray hair though.

Even though you may have been to get away with not washing your hair every day in the past now that your hair is so light colored a daily shampoo may become necessary. Opt for a very mild shampoo – baby shampoo is actually great – to avoid robbing your hair of its natural oils.

Which brings us to our second point. Gray hair does tend to be drier. That means you will have to make sure you use a good conditioner and remember to give yourself a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

Gray hair also looks best on almost all ladies when it is kept relatively short, which bring us to the main issue here – great short haircuts that not only suit the more mature woman but also enhance her beautiful gray hair.

Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

1. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is considered  a daring cut by some, but for the more mature lady it actually does a look to give her a more youthful, playful appearance. Here the hair is not buzzed too short, a nice amount of volume is allowed to remain on top, making the cut very versatile but it is still short enough to be super easy to care for.

very short pixie

2. Punk Pixie

This is an even shorter version of the cut that has a real punk vibe to it. The top layers have been left long enough though that they can be spiked with ease but could also be allowed to lie flat for a nor subdued, casual look.

silver grey creative pixie

photo source

3. Pixie

This is a great choice for a woman who wants a shorter cut that retains a little volume and some length in the back. The basic cut is very simple, little more than a long pixie, but then a little work with a blow dryer and rounded brush adds the volume that gray hair can sometimes look as though it lacks.


4. Curly Bob

This beautiful, face-framing bob is a great way to showcase natural curls and the white and silver highlights in the model’s gray hair. And once more there is tons of volume that enhances the color even more.


5. Classic Straight Bob

This really is what you would consider to be the classic straight bob and as you can see it makes the model’s bright white hair look absolutely stunning. If, like many, you find that your gray hair is a little dry and perhaps a little too prone to frizz to achieve a look this sleek try using a lightweight shine serum such as Redken’s Glass 01 or Paul Mitchell’s Shining Drops.


6. Casual Curly Bob

This is a longer, more casual take on a bob for ladies with some natural curl to their hair that can be casual and playful or a little more elegant and refined depending upon how you style yourself around it. In other words it’s great for both the boardroom and the gym!

wavy bob 2

7. Voluminous Pixie

By adding longer layers to the standard pixie cut and then doing a little careful blowdrying this model looks like she has a ton of hair when that really is not the case. This is a great look for ladies with thinner hair.

grey pixie

8. Piece Cut, Chunky Inverted Bob

This super sassy look is achieved by starting off with an inverted bob that has layers of slightly different lengths cut into it and the teasing them out using a lightweight gel to add that great definition.

inverted bobfd6ebda58057bc4752fc35a7bfb62c17

9. Creative Details

Who says there is an age limit to getting really creative with your hair? There isn’t, so if like the lady below, something appeals to you go for it!

asymmetric bob with colored stricks

10. The Layered Shag

The layered shag is enjoying something of a revival recently as women are rediscovering how versatile and flattering the cut is.

layered shag with bangs

11. Flipped Bob

This is basically a classic bob but the little flip at the front gives it a very playful edge that is still totally age appropriate.


12. Helen Mirren Iconic Bob

And here she is, on of the ladies who has helped put great gray style back on the map. After decades as a blonde recently Dame Helen Mirren decided she would let her natural beauty shine through and as you can see the gray look only serves to enhance her beauty and she still does not look anywhere near her 68 years!

1helen miren grey bob

Photos via Wip-Hairport and MastersModels