Grunge Short Hairstyles [June, 2021]

Grunge Short Hairstyles

It has been twenty years since Kurt Cobain died and some might say that on that fateful day the grunge movement that he essentially became the poster child for died with him. Except that is not really the case as many of the bands that were a part of it are still very much alive and kicking and the tousled, slightly scruffy, ‘just crawled out of bed’ look that was the visual and fashion look of the grunge movement is currently enjoying quite the revival.

Getting the Grunge Look

If you are old enough to remember the height of the grunge era in the early 1990s then you might remember that although ‘grunge hairstyles’ look vaguely messy and casual getting the look does involve some work.

Perfecting the fine art of backcombing is a must and the use of a mud/hair putty type product such as Sebastian Molding Mud helps create the textured, ruffled look as well.

Don’t know how to backcomb? It is not hard, just a little time consuming:

Using a long handled teasing comb (easy to find at almost any store selling hair care products) begin at the crown and separate a 1 to 2 inch section of hair. Comb it out to smooth it and then with one hand tightly holding the hair up from the scalp insert you comb in the middle of the strand and comb down. When the comb reaches the scalp pull it out and repeat the process until you have the fullness you desire. Neaten the look by smoothing the hair above the ‘nest’ with the comb.

So just what do the 21st century takes on grunge hairstyles look like? Check out these examples.

The Grungy Pixie

This look is basically a longer pixie cut that has then been texturized to create the bed headed, tousled look that is the hallmark of a grunge hairstyle. The pale dye is a nod to Kurt Cobain who often let his dyed locks fade to a pale colorwash like this one.

grungy blue pixie

The Blunt Cut Bob

This is one of the looks that Courtney Love was rather found of in the early days of both her career with the band Hole and her relationship with Kurt Cobain. At its core this is a simple blunt cut bob parted in the center that has then been allowed to airdry and texturized with a little product. By the way, the girl in the Iron Maiden t shirt is Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt and Courtney’s daughter who is now a very grown up 21 year old.

centre parted pinkish bob

outgrow roots pink bob

The Ruffled Tight Crop

Miley Cyrus as grunge girl? That is certainly the look the former Hannah Montana has been sporting lately, lifting her very short crop with some very clever backcombing and sporting shorn sides for a look that is very different to the masses of blonde curls to good old Hannah used to sport.


The Greasy Flapper

This look, as modeled by Kate Moss who was just rising to fame herself when grunge was at its height, is a grungy take on the classic Louise Brooks bob.

 kate moss greasy flapper

This is another great example of a basic blunt cut bob that has been allowed to go unstyled for a rather fashion forward natural look. The growing out ombre dye job also serves to enhance the grungy feel of this simple style.

outgrow blunt bob

The Unpolished Pixie

This tousled pixie is a perfect representation of the sexy innocence of the era that so many young women perfected.

tousled pixie

The Shaggy Shag

The image of Kurt Cobain’s greasy looking locks falling into his eyes and over his face as he performed is an iconic one. This nod to that look actually showed up on the runway this year at the big fashion shows, something that it is doubtful that Kurt himself would have approved of.

Premiere Of Twentieth Century Fox's "Glee The 3D Concert Movie" - Red Carpet

The Punky Grunge Pixie

This is a slightly different, perhaps more edgy take on Miley Cyrus’ shaved sides pixie cut. The hair has been tousled at random with product and although it really does look like this model has not brushed her hair since she got up it is also rather edgy and appealing.

punky grunge pixie

The Anti-Monroe

Once again it is fair to say that it was Courtney Love who first perfected the anti-Monroe look, platinum bleached blonde hair that has plenty of dark roots showing through. It’s a messy look in many ways but also one that has a special sexiness all of its own.

grungy bob

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