Edgy Bob Haircuts for the Stylish Modern Woman [June, 2021]

Edgy Bob Haircuts for the Stylish Modern Woman

One blossoming trend for spring is an edgy take on bob cut hairstyles. Not only do theses cuts pique the interest of all passersby, the colors of the bob cuts for this spring are also a point of interest, ranging in soft pastels to moderate shades of brighter green, blue, pink, and fuchsia hues. Crazy as this trend may seem to some, celebrities have been quick to adopt this trend as well, most toning are it down by wearing simpler mono-color looks and choosing colors well-within the natural color scale. However, some celebrities known for their larger than life on-stage get ups and flashy red carpet wear are embracing the brighter colors and gradient dye jobs. These looks are some of the most re-pinned and  most favorited throughout the web and sought after at the hair salon.

Straight Lilac Bob And Shaved Side

kelly's new lilac bob with undercut

This soft lilac cut is the very fusion of soft and edgy. With the edgy close side-shave and the jagged bang, the color of this bob really softens up the look and makes it sweet. With a gradient of color throughout the style, this look was first created by overlaying purple dye on top of a matte gray base. This style is fun, full of texture, and boasts great soft pigmentation.

Katy Perry’s Twisted bob, Slime Green and Outgrown Roots

slime green tousled bob

Katy Perry is of course, one of the celebrities that’s known to completely commit to whatever crazy outfit, accessory, or hairstyle that she can get her hands on. So it’s no surprise that Katy decided to commit to a sea punk style green bob. This color green is a lot more popular than I’d even anticipated, being that it does resemble a slimy green. With 90’s grunge trend still going strong, perhaps this green color will last way longer than predicted.

A Line Blonde Bob

a line blonde bob

The A-Line Bob totally took the spotlight for the most popular short hairstyle around 2006, but since then, it’s evolved from a choppy layer do to a more precisely layered look. With a curved and blown up back, this look translates as more upscale than just another short chop.

Pink Bob With Short Bangs

pink bob and straigt bangs

photo source

pink hair

This classic Cleopatra cut is another spring favorite, as the pink hue pictured above. With pastels trending, many have chosen to dye their hair pink instead of lilac pink or mint blue. This pink is also a perfect tie-in with the Nineties trend as well, and worn with an Offspring t-shirt and Doc Martens, you’ll basically be a Nineties poster child. Nineties ties aside, the pink hue trend is a really awesome pop of color amongst minimalistic black and white wardrobes.

Slightly Tousled Lob + “Ghostly” Hair Color

ghostly hair color

Speaking of hair color trends, another great color trend is premature white and blue grey hair. The contrast of the lightened color against a youthful face is very striking, and something that just works. Another stylish look that can be created with white/blue-grey hair is do almost a reverse ombre of natural color hair, with a white to dark black or blue fade.

Christina Hendrick’s Copper  Bob 


Emollient with shine and perfect wave, Christina Hendrick’s bob is a more conservative version of an edgy bob. Practical for someone with a more formal job, this bob doesn’t lack the stand-out quality or edgy with perfectly curled waves. These waves however, aren’t too sculpted or uniform, and are perfectly primped to get attention.

Peach Gradient Asymmetric Bob

peach hair color and asymmettic bob

photo source

This gradient style is really interesting and very hairstyle specific. The stylist who completed this look dyed the wearer’s hair section by section, doing site specific gradient on each. This bob’s dye job emphasizes the curly volume, and light wavy feel.

Precision Straight Edge Bob


Marc Jacob’s brought “razor sharp” cuts to an entirely new level with the hairstyles in his latest collection. I predict that these precision cuts, although not entirely new and fresh styles, will be in vogue this upcoming fall, along side the asymmetrical garments debuting in stores, like precise and edgy culotte shorts.

Wavy Bi-Level Bob


A more relaxed look for bobs this Spring is the relaxed bi-Level cut. Although in this look hair is tucked up and is actually a faux bob for the runway, bobs that look identical and are cut to look like this faux one are very popular. For the women with long wavy hair that want something short for spring, this look more than suffices. It also gives those with naturally long waves an opportunity to finally show off more of their facial features and bone structure!

20’s Style Short Crop Hair


Although this style has come in and out of style, widely adopted by fashion designers and art students alike, this style is back with a new minimalistic and edgy context. With a cut at least two inches above the jaw line, this style hugs the side of the face closely, contouring the cheekbones and giving the head a definite shape. Worn with straight hair, this style is simplistic and effective.

With all of these daring bobs to choose from, it’s hard not to consider giving your look a modern update with a clean cut!