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30+ Trendy Hairstyles And Haircuts For Round Face

hairstyles for full faces

The right hairstyle for round face will balance it making the face look oval and more slim. But in fact, there is no single ideal hairstyle for all kinds of round faces, because every face is so individual: the length of hair, their texture and volume, a person’s age, taste and lifestyle can change the […]


25 Edgy Pixie Undercut Ideas To Try Right Now!

short undercut hairstyle pictures

If you’ve ever thought about trying a pixie haircut, these choices will have you running to your stylist. From super short and super blonde to etched with artwork and colors that will dazzle you, the possibilities are endless. Try a deep purple, or an assortment of cotton candy pastels, or maybe a show stopping fuchsia […]


37 Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women

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Think that short hair is boring, or that it is not as flexible or versatile as a longer cut? The simple fact is that short hair can indeed be every bit as interesting, beautiful and striking as long hair you just need a little inspiration, the right cut and maybe a few great styling products! 


Edgy Bob Haircuts for the Stylish Modern Woman

One blossoming trend for spring is an edgy take on bob cut hairstyles. Not only do theses cuts pique the interest of all passersby, the colors of the bob cuts for this spring are also a point of interest, ranging in soft pastels to moderate shades of brighter green, blue, pink, and fuchsia hues. Crazy […]


5 Cool Anime Hairstyles To Try

Anime, as Westerners define it, has been popular for decades in the East, but it was perhaps not until the late 70’s that it began to gain popularity in the West. And as many different shows, books, movies and toys as there have been associated with the genre the one thing almost all of the […]


12 Short Haircuts For Women Over 50 With Gray Hair

If you look up the word gray in a thesaurus you end up with some really quite depressing synonyms; gloomy, dingy, drab, somber, the list goes on and on. Therefore it’s no wonder that so many women try so very hard to disguise the fact that they are going gray. Things are changing though. Spurred […]


The Beauty and Power – of Buzzcuts for Women

For women, there is short hair and then there is buzzed hair, a cut that basically leaves you with very little hair without actually leaving you bald. Here,  new wife and mom Amber Rose demonstrates that a buzz cut can also be a very classic, elegant and graceful look as well as a rather edgy […]


Grunge Short Hairstyles

It has been twenty years since Kurt Cobain died and some might say that on that fateful day the grunge movement that he essentially became the poster child for died with him. Except that is not really the case as many of the bands that were a part of it are still very much alive […]