The Beauty and Power - of Buzzcuts for Women [June, 2021]

The Beauty and Power – of Buzzcuts for Women

For women, there is short hair and then there is buzzed hair, a cut that basically leaves you with very little hair without actually leaving you bald.

Here,  new wife and mom Amber Rose demonstrates that a buzz cut can also be a very classic, elegant and graceful look as well as a rather edgy one. It’s all about how you style yourself around it.

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Ambr Rose Buzzcut

Although at first such a cut seems to go against everything that women are told about beauty – and the way they appear to men – but thanks in large part to a number of high-profile women who have taken the plunge and proved that their beauty and personality is not tied to their hair in any way, means that more and more women are becoming interested in the idea. They still have lots of questions and concerns, though. Let’s address some of those:

“A buzz cut is too masculine”

One of the biggest fears that many women have is that of they buzz their hair they will look far too masculine and will simply lose all of their sex appeal. That, however, is not quite the case. Take Amber Rose, the beautiful statuesque model who charmed Kanye West before enthralling fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa. Since her career began she has sported a blonde buzzcut that set her apart from the rest and only served to enhance her beauty. The same has held true for stars that the world became used to seeing with long flowing locks. Natalie Portman, Sigorney Weaver, Charlize Theron and Jessie J to name just a few all took the buzz cut plunge and still stunned their audiences and fans.

Teamed with some very feminine clothing here the buzzcut takes on a very romantic feel and certainly in no way looks masculine. 

buzz cut

“A buzz cut is a political statement and I don’t want to make one”

It is quite true that often women find it very liberating and empowering personally if they deviate from the ‘norm’ and choose all over buzz cut, a mohawk or the slightly less drastic undercut. A mohawk, for example, has long been a symbol of the warrior, something some women have identified with. In the end, however, choosing a very short cut is primarily a personal statement of style, not a political one.

Four of the famous beauties who have made the buzzcut more popular over recent years are pictured below. And as you can see, although all four have the same basic ‘cut’ they ‘wear it’ in very different ways and each looks very different, simply because they are very different women, proving that your hair does not define who you are.

Charlize Theron buzz cut
Mena Suvari buzz cut
Nataly Portman's shaved head

“I don’t have the face or body to pull off a buzz cut”

There are some who back away from a buzzcut because they fear that such things on look good on very thin, gamine women and if they happen to have a rounder face or a more voluptuous figure it will look wrong, or make them look larger. Again, that is not the case, anyone can look great with a buzzcut as long as they ooze confidence from within!

Singer Jessie J originally shaved off her brunette bobbed hair to raise money for charity. However, finding that she loved the look and it fit her personal style very well she has kept her short hair and even went from a raven haired beauty to a blonde bombshell.

Jessie J buzz cut