25 Brown Hair Color Ideas That Are Hot Right Now! [June, 2021]

25 Brown Hair Color Ideas That Are Hot Right Now!

Brown is one of the most frequent hair color on the Earth, that’s why brown hair sometimes seems us dull and boring. Here we’ve gathered 25 trendy brown hair color ideas that could help you to liven up your locks and to make them vibrant and impressive.

#1. Classic Balayage Technique On Brown Hair

Subtle waves of a caramel hues on brown hair look like a classic of balayage technique that is so trendy nowadays. Hair colorist used Olaplex to reduce hair damage caused by bleaching procedures and get this healthy sunkissed locks.

#2. Violet Metallic Wavy Locks

Definitely eye-catching, but a kind of delicate metallic violet shades can liven up a dull brown hair. Smooth graduation  from natural roots to pastel violet ends makes this hair color technique the best choice for those who doesn’t want to visit a beauty salon each month to tint regrown roots. To keep such a deep purple hue fresh you can use Pravana toners.

#3. Brown To Caramel Balayage Hair

An elegant belayage hair coloring helps hair look thicker and more volumentically. In this case the graduation between natural brown hair and tinted deep caramel blonde isn’t very dramatic making hair more shiny and natural.

#4. Long Chocolate Brown Hair In Ombre Style

Сhic multi-dimensional hair color consists of chocolate brown, caramel and blonde shades. An excellent job of a professional colorist that combines the best of balayage and ombre techniques. This shiny deep brown hair blends perfectly with a dark skin and brown eyes.

#5. Textured Bob With Purple Streaks

Wavy inverted bob beautifully framing any kind of face shape is the perfect choice for hair color experiments. The combination of a deep chocolate hair and intense purple highlights is a true bold statement and a trendy eye-catching look.

#6. Ashy Brown Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

Muted caramel highlights on the ash-brown hair look great with soft wavy curls. This hair color combination perfectly suits girls with pale skin and green eyes.

#7. Burgundy Streaks For Brunettes

A bright color idea for brunettes that liven up natural brown roots and makes hair look more voluminous and dense. The key is a gradual transformation of brown hair into saturated burgundy hue with a shatush hair colouring technique. This burgundy color was made with hair toner, so it’s really easy to keep it fresh and shiny at home using a right toner.

#8. Dark Strawberry Blonde In Hollywood 30’s Style

Multi-dimensional complex of a hazelnut and a rose amber colors makes this hairstyle a real work of art that looks the most elegant and graceful in combination with romantic waves.

#9. Classy Long Ombre Bob

Classy chocolate and caramel balayage lob that reminds us the autumn in its richness of reddish colours. Straight choppy cut line stresses a fullness of color and a healthy look of hair. Hair colorist used Olaplex to protect hair from damage while coloration.

#10. Classic Ombre Coloring On Brown Hair

Balayage ombre hair with rather a rather dramatic graduation from dark chocolate shade to golden blonde through auburn and caramel hues. This stunning blend will definitely attract a lot of attention and compliments.

#11. Textured Brown Lob With Blonde And Red Streaks

Slightly inverted textured bob in dark brown and chocolate shades with golden blonde streaks.

#12. Balayage Auburh Hair

Beautiful brown locks were brighten up with Paravana balayage clay and toned with Schwarzkopf sand toner to make them really pop. Gently flowing soft waves remind us hair of a mermaid.

#13.  “Beachfront” Sunkissed locks

The complex of darker roots, light blonde ends, and a texture creates a classic beach look with a hair naturally kissed by the sun. One more time balayage technique proves it works perfectly to create outstanding result. Perfectly suits to a tan and blue or green eyes.

#14. Balayaged Light Brown Hair

The perfect combination of warm light brown base hair with beige highlights made with Pravana’s belayage lightener. If you have hazel eyes and pale skin this hairstyle will definitely complement them and make you look stunning.

#15. Purple Metallic Locks

Radiant purple metallic hair color emerging smoothly from the dark brown natural roots. This perfect well blended combination of cool and warm tones is like a gem that shines in your hair. Purple metallic hues can be worn as dimensional highlights livening up your hair if you are not ready for a fundamental hair color changes.

#16. Layered Brown Bob With Blue Streaks

If you naturally have medium brown hair and don’t want any dramatic changes to its color, the best choice is a few of bright highlights such a blue, hot pink, orange, golden blonde, etc. This procedure will leave you hair healthy and natural while fresh and edgy.

#17. Multidimensional Brown Shag Hair

Beautifully cut choppy shag hair emphasizes the harmonious combination of many shades of brown. Hair colorist whites that “he used Kenra Color 6N on her roots and then highlighted her whole head with 7C & 8B and 30 vol in foil. Processed for 35 minutes. He also added b3 to her base color and her highlight formula”.

#18. Fiery Ginger Ombre On A Dark Brown Hair

Vibrant chocolate hair color fades into a fiery red enhancing brightness and volume of the hairstyle.

#20. Pearly Brown Bob With Ashy Streaks

Cold pearly brown hair coloring goes really great with a sophisticated bob that looks fuller and more elegant complemented with greyish streaks. This hairstyle and color is suitable for grey or blue eyes and porcelain pale skin.

#21. Inverted Light Brown Bob With An Extended Bang

A-link bob with a long bang and multi-dimensional highlightes ideally frames any shape of faces hiding flaws and emphasizing the eyes. Elegant hairdo for those round faced brunettes who wants to enhance the depth and the volume of their hair.

#22. Long Chocolate Brown Hair With Hot Pink Ends

Lovely hot pink gradual ombre on reddish brown hair, really sweet and rather rare, but eye-catching look.

#23. Rounded Balayaged Bob

#24. Wavy Auburn Locks With Red Streaks

#25. Rich Burgundy And Amber Layered Hairstyle