Blonde Hair Color Guide: Ash To Strawberry Hues [June, 2021]

Blonde Hair Color Guide: Ash To Strawberry Hues

So you made a decision – you want to go blonde. But you want to do so in a way that looks as natural as possible and is also right ‘on trend.’ There is more to it than you might think though, as you will discover when you begin to look for hair color options.

Blonde is not a single hair color – it’s a wide array of different tones and shades that all have different properties and will suit different skin tones. eye colors and even lifestyles. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular shades of blonde and just what they could do for you in your quest for a great new blonde bombshell look.

Bronde Or Dark Blonde Hair Color

Kim dark blonde Jennifer Aniston Icon Dark Blonde
sara's dark brown ombre blonde hair Dark_Blonde_Hair_Picture_1

The dark blonde or “bronde” look is one that is particularly popular at the moment, especially when it  is used as an element in the uber trendy ombre look (dark roots, lighter ends) that so many women continue to rock right now. If you need a reference point for the dark blonde look think Jennifer Aniston, Whitney Port and Hilary Duff, all of whom sport the dark blonde look perfectly.

Bronde is extremely flattering for women with paler skin who might be left looking a little washed out by a very light blonde shade as it has a rather warming effect. Dark blonde is also a rather sophisticated shade, making it an excellent choice for the more formal office.

Dirty Blonde Hair Color

dirty blonde 2 dirty blonde

In the world of hair there really is a difference between dark blonde and dirty blonde. Dirty blonde is usually a slightly lighter shade, but there are still plenty of darker and caramel tones involved that soften some of the harshness that a very cool blonde tone has. It also tends to give a girl a ‘rockier’ more cutting edge vibe to her look, as the likes of Avril Lavigne and Cara Delevingne prove.

Honey Blonde

golden blonde 3 golden blonde 4
honey blonde

Similar to golden blonde, but with slightly more light tones. Honey blonde should not be the color of Pooh Bear honey though, but a slightly muted shade in the way that real honey is. It has been a popular color in Hollywood as well, all the way back to the 1950’s when the lovely Doris Day was America’s sweetheart.

Golden Blonde

dark blonde ombre hair golden hair
Dark golden blonde hair golden blonde

Golden blonde is almost the essence of the sun captured in a hair color and has a rather youthful, fun vibe that is timeless.  It is a wonderful choice of blonde for those who want to ‘try out’ going a little lighter than maybe they have in the past, if perhaps they are a dark blonde, without making too much of a drastic change.

Although she is something of a blonde chameleon, changing shades often, when former actress turned fashion designer Ashley Olson goes golden she tends to exude as much charm as she did as a child, just with a slightly more mature edge. Golden blonde is also an exceptionally flattering shade of blonde on an older woman.

Strawberry Blonde

straw blonde *Exclusive* The Olsen twins close up
strawberry blonde 2 strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde is a delicate balance of red and blonde tones that has an old time glamour that women have embraced for decades. This striking shade has recently become even more popular thanks to Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain, whose long strawberry blonde locks have graced so many red carpet events over the last several months.

Ash Blonde

ash blonde ash blonde 2
dark ash blonde dark ash blonde 2

Ash blonde is a smoky, sultry shade that is almost endlessly versatile. It can be rather dark, with just glimmers of lighter blonde highlights, or it can be a much lighter shade of blonde that is rather Nordic. A darker ash blonde tends to a suitably flattering choice for all skin tones and for women of all ages.

A lighter ash blonde often looks a little harsh on women who have very pale skin on an everyday basis, although light skinned blondes with very light ash blonde hair has bee a very popular haute couture runway look over the last couple of years.

Champagne Blonde

champagne blonde 25 champagne blonde 2

Champagne blonde lies somewhere between strawberry blonde and platinum, a blonde that has beige undertones that gives off a truly sophisticated and even expensive vibe.

A very popular shade in the Sixties champagne blonde is on point trend wise again right now mainly thanks to Taylor Swift, who choose to tone down the bright blonde she sported in her early career by switching to a champagne shade that gives her an air of maturity that does not age her.

Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde blonde
platinum blonde 2 platinum

Platinum blonde will forever be associated with the eternally admired and adored Marilyn Monroe. When Marilyn first came to the attention of the studios she had naturally dark blonde hair that bordered on brunette. As soon as she went platinum though her career really took off.

In the 21st century the likes of Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Michelle Williams all have their own take on the ‘Marilyn’ look If you do go platinum the deep red lip is by no means mandatory but it is a timelessly stunning look that can also help you look a little more youthful.

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