25 Cool Black And Grey Hair Color Ideas Trendy Now [June, 2021]

25 Cool Black And Grey Hair Color Ideas Trendy Now

For many of us, hair coloring began as a way to hide out age or at least those nasty little gray hairs that like to pop up out of nowhere. However, much like everything else in the world, this too has begun to change.

Let us introduce you to one of the newer colors to hit the market is hues of silver and gray and they have quickly become all the rage. Don’t run in fear just yet as you are about to be mesmerized by some looks that one might have otherwise overlooked.

The images found here can give you a better idea of what a classic bob or a boho braiding might look like when done.  Messy, straight, or with a little curl there are some beautiful options just waiting.

Do not fret if color with a pop more your thing, there are great paths shown here for you as well. Dip dying the ends, make a casting of chrome, or mixing in a little bit of your favorite silver candlestick are available to make a statement or your own new concept.

#1. Smooth Balayage From Black To Silver

black and gray hair

instagram / jeffreyrobert_

#2. Gray Ombre With Plum Highlights On Black Hair

gray and purple balayage on black hair

instagram / jeffreyrobert_

#3. Silver Brown Balayage On Chic Black Hair

gray brown hair color

instagram / jesus.yvette

#4. Silver Highlights On Jet Black Hair

blond and gray highlights on black hair

instagram / hairbyshaytopaze

#5. Tiny Gray And Pastel Purple Highlights

pastel purple and gray highlights

instagram / candicemarie702

#6. Snow White Ombre Hair Coloration

white balayage on black hair

instagram / jeffreyrobert_

#7. Grayish Blue On Black Hair

blue gray multi-dimensional coloration

instagram / jeffreyrobert_

#8. Burnished Steel Long Wavy Cascade

gray brown balayage on black hair

instagram / jeffreyrobert_

#9. Ashy Silver Balayage On Black Hair

blond gray highlights on black lob

instagram / chrisweberhair

#10. Sky Gray Melting On Waterfall Braid

gray highlights and ombre on black hair

instagram / kimwasabi

#11. Gray Purple And Blue Highlights On Tousled Bob

purple and frost gray multi-dimensional color

instagram / wilchan_

#12. Metallic Purple And Gray Long Hair

metallic purple and gray on black long hair

instagram / duzzbyo

#13. Grey Razor Bob With Yellow Highlights

gray and light green highlights and asymmetric bob

instagram / jeffreyrobert_

#14. Short Asymmetric Bob With Purple Ombre

purple ombre on silver hair

instagram / jeffreyrobert_

#15. Steel Balayage Lob

silky steel lob

instagram / artelsalon

#16. Black Textured Bob With Grey Color Strokes

gray color accents on black asymmetric lob

instagram / jeffreyrobert_

#17. DIY-Styled Grey Highlights On Jet Black Long Hair

dirty gray highlights on long black hair

instagram / shelleygregoryhair

#18. Black Voluminous Bob With Subtle Steel Highlights

tiny gray and purple highlights on textured bob

instagram / felipeshablam

#19. Black To Grey Melting

green metallic balayage on long black locks

instagram / shelleygregoryhair

#20. Purple And Grey Balayage

grape metallic metling into gray

instagram / glamourghoulhair

#21. Emerald Gray Ombre And Nice Arty Nape

metallic gray highlights and shaved nape

instagram / playwithscissors

#22. Gray Balayage + Rose And Blond Highlights

long silver hair with subtle rose ombre highlights

instagram / fanola_usa

#23. Colorful Gray, Purple And Turquoise Combination

colorful gray, turquoise and purple highlights

instagram / nealmhair

#24. Smooth Melting From Steel To Frost Gray

tiny metallic highlights on black hair

instagram / candicemarie7022

#25. Dark Brown And Grey Balayage

sweet gray balayage

instagram / playwithscissors