5 Best Hot Air Curling Brushes Changing Blow-Drying Game [June, 2021]

5 Best Hot Air Curling Brushes Changing Blow-Drying Game

We’ve all been there: You wake up to do your hair and your styling tool is making your hair fall flat. You can’t get the curl or wave you want.

You guess it will just have to be another ponytail day.

But does it really have to be?


When you have the right curling tool to do your hair, you can get the perfect curl — quickly and without a lot of hassle.

Who doesn’t want that?

Change the way you get ready for work by learning more about the top 9 best hot curling brushes of 2020. Whether you are looking for electric curling brushes or round brush curling irons, we’ve got the top tools from the pros to have your hair looking at its top.

Let’s get started:

Best Curling Brushes 2020

1. Xtava Hotness Styler  (Editot's Choice)

From Xtava comes a 3-in-one styling brush that is designed to let you style your hair either with loose waves and volume, straightened, or with curls. Whichever style you choose, you can convert the Xtava Hotness Styler easily with the click of a lock button.

However, the main issue with this styling brush is that it works best with medium to short hair. Long hair can get tangled around the barrel of the Xtava Hotness Styler when the tool is in the curling iron/hot brush mode.

All said and done, however, the Xtava Hotness Styler is one of the few brushes in this guide that offers the most customized settings for heat while still delivering ion technology to combat frizziness and to deliver shine to your mane.

Maximum Versatility with the Xtava

The 1-inch barrel of the Xtava Hotness Styler acts a hot round brush that you can use to get soft curls in your hair.

Straighten with 1-inch ceramic/tourmaline plates. Get customized results with temperature controls between 300 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

Practice getting the perfect curl with the aid of the 360-degree swivel cord. Move from a straightening iron to a hot brush simply by opening/closing and locking/unlocking the styling brush.


  • Temperature controls ranging from 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Auto shut off function after 1 hour
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Lock/unlock button to curl vs. straighten
  • Ceramic/tourmaline plates emit ions for shine
  • Heat resistant travel case


  • Difficult to learn to use at first
  • Doesn't rotate
  • Not the best tool for long hair, as it can get caught easily in the styling brush

Final Verdict

It’s nice to have a 3-in-1 styling brush that can add volume, straighten and curl. But one tool can’t do it all perfectly. The Xtava Hotness Styler is going to work for different hair types in different ways. If you have long hair, it probably will work best with the straighter option while tangling your long hair with the curling option. What we like about the Xtava Hotness Styler is the versatility of the temperature controls, however, and the 360-degree swivel cord, which helps hair get tangled less with the curling function is in in use.

Weighing in at only 1.3 pounds, the John Frieda Hot Air Brush is one of the lightest of the curling brushes in this guide while also being a powerful one at 500 watts and coming complete with ionic technology.

Get Controlled Curling Via Minimized Air Flow

With the John Frieda Hot Air Brush, you’ll get two heat settings in addition to a cool setting, a titanium/ceramic coated 1.5-inch barrel and the minimized air flow for more controlled curling.


  • Swivel cord for easy styling
  • Titanium/ceramic barrel
  • 1.5-inch barrel for larger curls - great for long hair


  • Noisy -but not as noisy as a hair dryer
  • This is not the brush for wet hair

Final Verdict

Once you have your hair locked around the metal barrel, you’ll get a curl that holds and is full of shine. The larger barrel of 1.5 inches means your curl will be slightly tighter than some of the other larger barrels in this guide.

4. Infiniti Conair Rotating Styler (Budget-Friendly + Quality Choice)

From the Conair line, comes the Infiniti Rotating Styler – essentially a rotating, 2-inch barrel heated hair brush that is perfect, and in fact, most ideal, for putting light curl into long hair. The ceramic technology of this curling brush helps it lock in curl and shine for hours to come.

A Rotating Barrel Ensures a Curl That Lasts, Among Other Features

One of the key features of the Infinity Conair Rotating Styler is the combination of its ceramic barrel to lock in heat and curl via 3 heat settings and its rotating barrel. It also has an ion generator that releases concentrated ions to lock in shine and keep your hair smooth.

You can use this Conair styler on wet or dry hair and with or without the barrel rotating. Regardless, hair doesn’t get caught in the barrel- even if it is long.


  • Ideal for long hair
  • Rotating barrel that can spin or not
  • Tangle-free curling


  • No auto shut-off
  • Pricey in the $40 range
  • No swivel cord

Final Verdict

The Conair Infiniti Spin Air Brush is a solid curling brush for long hair. We like the flexibility of using this brush on wet hair and the versatility of the rotating barrel and three heat settings.

From Helen of Troy, the 1573 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush comes in three barrel sizes including 1 inch, 1.5 inches and 3/4 inches to get the perfect curl for your style. The barrel of this hot brush rotates so you can curl damp hair as it dries to lock in curl. In addition, the cool tip of this hot hair brush helps to ensure your hands won’t get burned.

Go From Damp to Dazzling

Key features of this Helen of Troy model includes a rotating barrel that dries, heats and easily released curls. In addition, a tangle-proof swivel cord helps to make sure the brush doesn’t get stuck in your hair as you curl. The vented barrel of the Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush helps to distribute heat evenly.


  • Vented barrel distributes heat throughout your hair
  • Can move hair from damp to dry
  • Tangle free hair with medium to short hair


  • Only two settings - low and high
  • Eight-foot cord swivels but is too long
  • Made of plastic, so waves will not be as firm and smooth as with a ceramic barrel

Final Verdict

The Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush is an economical choice for people with short to medium-length hair who want to get some soft waves or curls incorporated into their style. Because the Helen of Troy 1573 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush is made from plastic, you’re not going to get the firm, smooth, lasting, sculpted curls of some of the other curling tools in this guide.

However, you can take your mane from damp and dragging to curled and styled because this tool is designed as a true hot hair brush. We wish the Helen of Troy 1573 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush were made from more durable materials and had more customized heat settings.

The VAV 3-in-1 Hot Hair Brush combines a flat iron, hot brush and curling iron all in one. It features a 1-inch ceramic-plated flat iron that turns into a 1-inch barrel curling iron. With a heat insulation broach, this tool is ideal for avoiding burns. Customized Heat Settings Are Among Key Features.

One of the great key feature of the VAV 3-in-1 Hot Hair Brush is that it has customized heat settings. You can adjust the tool from 280 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, helping to ensure that no matter the thickness of your hair, you’ll get a lasting style. In addition, this tool features an auto-shut off function after 40 minutes, so you don’t have to worry if you ran out of the house before turning it off.


  • Get three tools in one
  • 1-inch plates for flat iron
  • 1-inch barrel for curling iron/hot brush
  • Ceramic flat iron plates
  • Customized temperature controls


  • Like many 3-in-1 tools, this isn't the best tool for curling long hair, although it will work without issue for straightening
  • Heat insulation designed for minimal interaction with barrel/plates, leading to burning</li>In the range of cheaper hot air brush tools

Final Verdict

The VAV 3-in-1 Hot Hair Brush is a mid-range curling iron brush that combines 3 tools in 1. Remember that 3-in-1 tools often work better for medium to short hair – at least when it comes to the curling function. Among the other mid-range hot air brushes in this guide, there are other ones that perform better for a little more money.

With the Hot Tools Ionic Tourmaline Brush, you’ll get a 1.5-inch barrel curling brush with ionic technology. The tourmaline barrel emits ions to help lock in shine and restore health to your hair. The rubberized grip is comfortable and secure.

Go Global with This Travel-Ready Styler

One of the most distinguishing features of the Hot Tools brush is that it has dual-voltage, which makes it perfect for traveling to other countries. (Make sure you’re always checking voltage limits before plugging in this brush)


  • 1.5-inch tourmaline barrel
  • Cool tip
  • Rubber grip is comfortable and secure
  • Dual-voltage; great for travel!


  • Doesn't rotate
  • May need a heat-safe glove to protect fingertips from getting burned
  • No heat settings; this brush increases in heat as it is left on

Final Verdict

In the $30 range, the Hot Tools brush is the most lightweight at 1 pound but it is lacking some of the more customized features of other brushes – including heat settings and the ability to rotate. This hot air styling brush will not dry your hair, and you’ll need to be extremely careful when rolling your hair onto the brush. Buying a heat-safe glove is recommended with this product.

From InStyler comes an ionic 4-in-1 tool that combines a round brush, a curling iron, a styling wand and a flat iron. Among the combination tools in this guide, the Instyler stands out for its design aesthetic, sturdiness and multiple heat settings.

Get Frizz-Free Straightening Plus Bouncy Waves

Easily convert the Instyler by a lock/unlock mechanism on the brash. In addition, the flat iron feats ceramic plates for frizz-free straightening and cool-touch bristles with ion technology for expert curling. The barrel of the brush is made from ceramic — and with multiple heat settings ranging from high to low.


  • Four tools in one
  • Converts easily from one tool to the other with a locking mechanism
  • Bristles are cool to the touch so less risk for getting burned
  • Six heat settings for from low to high


  • As with many combination tools, this one is difficult to use when curling long hair.
  • Doesn't rotate so hair can get caught in barrel if it is rolled or too long
  • Six-foot swivel cord is almost too long for easy use

Final Verdict

Overall, the InStyler 4-in-1 tool is a versatile tool that combines ceramic barrel/plates an ion technology with customized high heat settings. You’ll get the anti-frizz and hold curl you need from this tool as long as you can navigate it properly with your hair. For example, long hair may get caught in the curling barrel of this non-rotating tool.

If you enjoy curling your hair from a damp stage to dry, then the Vidal Sasson 2-in-1 Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer can give you soft waves. But at only 250 watts, this really is brush styler made for shorter hair. That’s because the brush does not rotate, and it will get caught if you roll it around the plastic barrel. It also comes in three cute colors – pastel blue, pastel pink and black – so you can match your personal aesthetic with the brush wand.

Unlock Curls Easily with Special Curl Button

You get two settings with the Vidal Sasson Styler and Dryer – high and low. You can take damp hair to dry hair using the high setting. Barrel locks around your hair to warm it and unlocks to release the curl.


  • 1-inch barrel is great for short-to-medium hair
  • Damp to dry hair
  • Hair locks in place and releases from barrel during curling process


  • Only two settings - low and high
  • Only 250 watts, so don't expect high power or quick drying if your hair is thick
  • Doesn't rotate

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a portable styling brush for travel or for short hair, then this Vidal Sasson model may be the styling tool you’ve been looking for. Not only is this styler effective for on-the-go styles, but it also is extremely cost effective for the budget styler/traveler. Keep in mind that users with longer hair may have trouble with this styling brush, as it doesn’t rotate. The Vidal Sasson Styler and Dryer also packs 250 watts of power only, so you’re not going to get thick, damp hair to dry quickly.

As one of the more expensive hair curling brushes in the guide — in the $80 range — the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Rotating Hot AirBrush delivers on its promises from top to bottom.

One of the most impressive features to note in the BaBylissPRO — and why we’ve chosen it as the Editor’s Choice — is because this tool has a rotating barrel that is designed to be bi-directional. No other barrel in this guide has this capability, and this function allows you to create curls more precisely and artistically by shaping them to fall either backward or forward in your mane.

The handle of the BaBylissPRO is designed to ergonomically work with your fingers so the controls are exactly where you need them, exactly when you need them. Plus, unlike some other curling brush irons in this guide, the BaBylissPRO features a metal barrel, which helps hair grip better to the barrel than plastic barrels do and provides the opportunity for the heat to infuse your hair — resulting in a longer-lasting curl.

Great for all hair types, the BaBylissPRO is going to deliver high, safe heat via a titanium, 2-inch barrel and curl your hair without getting it tangled on the plastic bristles. You'll get more volume and more shine with this salon favorite.


  • Ergonomic grip
  • Titanium metal barrel
  • Great for all hair types
  • Multi-directional curls


  • Pricey in the $80 range
  • Only three settings -- high, low, cool

Final Verdict

If you have it in your budget to purchase the BaBylissPRO, go for it. You’ll get a salon quality air brush that you can use to curl your hair from damp to dry. You’ll feel like you have a salon-quality blowout every time!