30 Black Ombre Hair Color Ideas That You Will Like [June, 2021]

30 Black Ombre Hair Color Ideas That You Will Like

There have been a lot of changes in the hair industry since the creation of the first synthetic hair dye of the 1860’s.

Black ombré hair continues to rise high on the color changing popularity scale as it allows the hair to become a masterpiece all its own. The low maintenance looks to strike a perfect chord for the young to those that are young at heart.

The following images will give you an idea of just how much power we now have. The power to look and feel like a princess, mermaid, or even the best cotton candy found only at the world’s fair.

Wishing you were in outer space your hair can now take you there. The sky is the limit when it comes to the beauty you wish to behold. The only hard part is deciding the colors, the amount of flair, and the brightness you desire.

#1. Deep Turquoise Ombre On Black Long Hair

turquoise and black ombre hair

instagram / masey.cheveux

#2.  Gentle Combination Of Brown And Purple

ombre on black hair

instagram / kateloveshair

#3. Neon Yellow Ombre On Black Hair

ombre hair black to yellow

instagram / amylara_squaresalon

#4.  Black To Caramel Ombre With Red Hints

ombre hair black to brown

instagram / shmeggsandbaconn

#5. Neon Green Ombre On Jet Black Hair

green ombre for black hair

instagram / kateloveshair

#6. Purple To Golden Rose Balayage On Black Hair

black hair with rose blonde ombre

#7. Washed Out Green Ombre Waves

black hair with ombre

instagram / playwithscissors

#8. Beautiful Magenta Ombre On Dark Brown Locks

magentra ombre on black hair

instagram / shmeggsandbaconn

#9.  Black And Blond Balayage Updo

black to blonde ombre hair

instagram / shmeggsandbaconn

#10. Metallic Hints Of A-Line Bob

metallic ombre for black hair

instagram / duzzbyo

#11. Metallic Cappuccino Balayage On Black Long Hair

black to white ombre hair

instagram / kimwasabi

#12. Magenta To Rose Gold Melting

black and red ombre hair

instagram / theunicorntribe

#13. Violaceous Balayage Coloration

black and purple ombre hair

instagram / kimwasabi

#14. Metallic Brown Ombre On Tousled Lob

black and brown grey ombre hair

instagram / jamisonsayshello

#15. Grey And Mystic Blue Braid

black and blue ombre hair

instagram / kimwasabi

#16. Light Red Copper Blond Ombre

red and black ombre hair

instagram / alix_maya

#17. Rose Gold Balayage

black hair with rose brown ombre

instagram / excellenthairsalon

#18. Mystic Smoke Hair Color

black and grey ombre hair

instagram / excellenthairsalon

#19. Deep Turquoise Ombre For Blunt Bob

black to blue ombre hair

instagram / chrisweberhair

#20. Light Slate Ombre On Long Loose Waves

ombre hair for black hair

instagram / amylara_squaresalon

#21. Green To Blue Balayage On Long Wavy Hair

black blue ombre hair

instagram / masey.cheveux

#22. Black And Chocolate Balayage

black to brown ombre hair

instagram / masey.cheveux

#23. Light Pearl Brown Balayage With Lavender Hints

black and pearple brown ombre hair

instagram / hairbylily408

#24. Deep Violet Highlights On Jet Black Hair

black hair with purple ombre

instagram / playwithscissors

#25. Rainbow Ombre

rainbow ombre hair on black hair

instagram / rebeccataylorhair

#26. Cool Blonde Highlights On Black Wavy Lob

black and blonde ombre hair

instagram / chrisweberhair

#27. Aquamarine Ombre On Long Locks

black hair with blue ombre

instagram / theunicorntribe

#28. Razer Lob With Dark Grey Ombre Coloration

black to gray ombre hair

instagram / chrisweberhair

#29. Black To Blond Balayage

ombre hair black to blonde

instagram / internationalstylists

#30. Black Hair With Burgundy To Rose Ombre Effect

black and burgundy ombre hair

instagram / playwithscissors