37 Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women [June, 2021]

37 Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women

Think that short hair is boring, or that it is not as flexible or versatile as a longer cut? The simple fact is that short hair can indeed be every bit as interesting, beautiful and striking as long hair you just need a little inspiration, the right cut and maybe a few great styling products! 

In this post we are going to take a look at some of the most attractive and ‘on trend’ short hairstyles making a splash right now.


Side Swept Bangs Pixie

The Bi-Level cut is one that needs to be handled with extreme delicacy!

I’ve heard so many horror stories over friends trying to achieve this look and getting their back layers cut far too short. Short to the extent of channeling Alfalfa with spiky baby hairs close to the crown of their head. When going for a Bi-Level look, make sure you have a trusted or highly recommended hairstylist cut it and also agree with them upon where your back shorter layers should end in relation to your head.

No one wants to have 80’s rock hair or a short version of a mullet.

For this straight look, I recommend silk hair serum for the back and front of the look. This will keep any strays from sticking up on the sides or the back, and also to keep the hair looking fresh and like a cute bob and not a close cousin to the helmet head hairdo.

Long Layers

A-Line bob

Again, this is another hairstyle where it must be cut by a highly experienced hair professional.

Longer side layers can end up looking like twin tails or just a chunky and choppy do when cut by an inexperienced stylist. This look is definitely for the naturally straight haired or those who don’t mind up-keep with chemical straightening or manual straightening processes.

Besides the straight pieces, the volume in the back and the wrong can be can be recreated with a blow dryer and a curling iron.

  1. Blow the sections you’d like to create volume for upward and curl them in with the ends of toward your head.
  2. After achieving the curl you want, spray with a heavy-duty hair spray. This might take a couple tries to find the right curve, but after about ten times of recreating this style, you will be a pro on what works and what doesn’t.

Curly Bob

Curly Bob

Natural curly waves create noticeable volume and are a fun update to the classic short Sixties style bob. Whether natural or created with a curling iron, curly bobs are a fun and classic style.

If you do not have naturally curly hair, mousse is your best friend when it comes to keeping these voluminous curls intact! Aussie Mousse curl holding spray both helps the hair to kink and hold.

  1. Using your curling iron on a higher heat (but still hair-safe) setting, trying curling your hair, bottom pieces around your neck, to top pieces at your crown.
  2. Let curls dry and rub Aussie Mousse through them. Running mousse through your hair will also help you have more natural looking curls rather than perfectly fake uniform ringlets.

If this method doesn’t work for you, try either of these two tactics: start with unwashed hair, or, spray curl spray. What do we mean?

First spray your hair with a light hair spray marked for curly hair, (Aussie or John Frieda have curly targeted products that work just fine) then curl your hair on a medium-high heat, and then once finished, spray your hair again. This is a common practice for stage performers that desire the perfect curly full-proof hair. For us ladies, to have our

Texture Play

curly long pixie

Almost a faux asymmetrical look, this look makes the hair appear like it is cut with a grown out side and a close-cut side, without having to actually commit to a closer shave. All it takes is an expertly windswept bang and great texture style hair spray for the faux close shave.

  1. To wear this mini Marilyn Monroe esq style, start by blowing the front pieces of the left side over to the right side. If volume is desired use a curling iron on high heat.
  2. Curl all of the top section aligning with the middle of your forehead. For a looser curl, run your fingers through your finished waves with a tiny bit of mousse.
  3. If you want a tighter curl, you can try a sans blow-dryer approach but wrapping small sections around your finger and pinning them down with bobby pins.
  4. Spray all of Pin curls hold up very well with shorter hair as opposed to longer hair, so you can count on these tiny heatless ringlets to be intact and uniform after release.
  5. Spray these ringlets and you’re good to go with your own homemade perm!

Angled Shave

Angled Shave

Angled Shave is a fun usually long layered and side bang cut that packs a little punch. From one side, the hairdo may be uniform, but from the shave side it’s anything but. Although constant upkeep for the close shaved side, this style is actually relatively simple to accomplish.

All it takes is some great straightening liquids, a ceramic iron, and some setting spray. If you have an asymmetrical and curly hairstyle, mousse again, would be your best friend to keep your contrasting volume. However, if you are going for a straight look like the one pictured, then and overall setting spray like a Tresemme or full-body hold spray would be best.

Grown out and wavy

Layered bob

To achieve the same look as pictured, might require a little patience if you have naturally wavy hair. The grown out style really looks best when the hair is cut short and is continually, well, grown out. It’s hard for a stylist to calculate exactly how your hair will curl, and growing it out may help you get the right curling action you desire.

For anyone trying to wear this look with naturally straight hair, make sure to invest in a good crimper (or a good curling iron to use on low heat), and a good sea salt style spray to keep these relaxed curls.

Cut In Angles For Your Face Shape

straight bob

The best thing about short hair is that you get to show more of your face.

Some women, especially those with delicate little facial features look remarkably better with short hair versus long hair. Short hair allows them to show off the elements of their face they like the best.

Long hair tends to hide shorter features and showcase, well, the hair itself. In these cases, hair can act more like a mask or helmet.

If you want a hairstyle fit to your face, set up a consultation with a trusted stylist to help you determine your face shape. Once you have your face shape identified, like heart shape for example, you should look at a ton of different styles that are identified as complimentary styles for your face shape or at hairstyles of celebrities or fashion icons with the same face shape.

Usually, when you search by a face shape a celebrity picture with the corresponding shape pops up automatically. Bring a couple of difference reference photos to your stylist and ask them about the practicality of achieving the same look and any alterations (shorter layers, longer bangs, etc.) that should be made to make this look match YOU. Many style savvy ladies go wrong in the salon by bringing in pictures of celebrities with a similar face shape, but maybe not as long of a face, or with a little bit different forehead, and the celebrity’s haircut ends up looking a little off on them. Remember to alter any style to your head. Don’t let long layers fall into your eyes, or accidentally chop too far above your own jaw line!

Tons of Short Layers

layered outgrown pixie

This short-layered straight style is really edgy and fun. I know that if I had straight hair, I would definitely be wearing this hairdo partially moussed up with full make-up. As for ladies with wavy or curly hair, again this is a style you have to be okay maintaining this style through permanent straight treatments or manual hair straightening.

If you have naturally straight hair, this style should actually be relatively simple upkeep, even after just waking up. To maintain this style, start by straightening any pieces that may have crimped while sleeping or during your daily routine. Then, blow-dry your hair straight up from underneath. Use a stronger tresemme or John Frieda.

Classic Vidal-Sassoon Style Pixie Bob Chop

Classic Vidal-Sassoon Style Pixie Bob Chop

A timeless favorite and Vidal Sassoon’s classic revolutionary 60’s short hairstyle, this short crop is a great look for women of all hair types. This even sided crop not only is a classic, but also grows out evenly, and is very easy to maintain.

If you want to dress this hairdo up, braid the front section into a tiny plait and pin back. This styling technique is also helpful for when working out, to keep your hair out of your face when it is too short to put in an actual ponytail.

The best product for this style would be a hair serum, to keep the level style shine throughout the entirety of the ‘do. Edgy and simplistic, this style needs the least amount of care in comparison to the other nine fresh looks!

Long Layered Short Bob

Long Layered Short Bob

This look is very popular amongst college age twenty and thirty-somethings. This relaxed look doesn’t look too hard to keep up, but in actuality, even though it is grown out, it is still a short enough look that it will need continual trims. Zigzag parts also work to achieve the volume in this look naturally by layering section over section. The zigzag part is truly a hair technique that must be mastered until it is basic nature. Learning the perfect zigzag part for your head may just be the hardest part of maintaining this style.

A pretty fuss free look for short hair, all you need to achieve this look is a reliable blow dryer and a heavy-duty setting hairspray. When looking for a maximum hold setting spray, try looking at hairsprays that have “sea salt” as a listed ingredient. Sea salt is a less damaging way to maintain a short full-proof look. Sea salt will help you achieve this structured look without the consequence of follicles falling out from synthetic chemicals.

Full Volume Straight Top

Full Volume Straight Top

This retro crop style is a fun way to add interest to a usually typical short curly hairdo. I love how fresh and versatile it is. This look is definitely day to night applicable, no accessories or further styling needed. Although this style evokes a 80s or 90s style, it’s timeless and is a refreshingly different within its simplistic shape.

There are two techniques you can use to create the same shape and volume as pictured, pining and poofing or curling and covering.

  1. For the pining and poofing technique, divide your hair into three front sections, two side sections, and two to three back sections. Pull all sections to the middle of your head and pin them.
  2. Spray all of the outsides of these poofs heavily, and remove all pins in the center, or cover them by draping hair over them.
  3. For curling and covering, find old school foam rollers, and roll the ends of your hair in toward the middle pin these curls in and spray heavily.
  4. Pull at these sections slightly to make the curls less uniform and more natural and spray again. You will have this fun transitional look locked in for your hectic day and your fun night out!

Boyish bob from Marc Jacobs

This rather stunning – and certainly very edgy – cut was one of the big stars of the Marc Jacobs fashion shows recently. It’s roughly cut ends, ripped short bangs and overgrown black roots combine perfectly with feminine clothes to create a look that oozes freedom and emancipation without sacrificing beauty or charm.

By the way, I was very happy when I realized that my stupid diy bob and horrible straight fringe was actually, with a few tweaks, a hot trend!

bob my marc jacobs

The Siren’s Pixie Cut

These days if the very sexy Miley Cyrus is rocking a certain hairstyle then you can be sure that it is one of the hottest around right now as shy and retiring is just not something the former Hannah Montana ever does anymore. Copy her blonde voluminous pixie with its punky undercut , add bold red lips and a little bit of bling and not only will you look and feel confident but you will also draw yourself plenty of   admiring glances from any men in the vicinity!

miley cyrus undercut

Buzzcut + Hot Pink

hot pink buzz cut

The Game of Thrones Fantasy Bob

This cute bob would be completely at home in Westeros and yet would also be a great choice for a beach party or for a casual outdoor wedding.

game of thrones fantasy bob

Asymmetrical Pixie Crop with Side-swept Bangs

The asymmetrical pixie has been one of the hot short hair trends for several seasons now. As a rule, if a haircut is to be considered a true pixie cut , the hair should be no longer than the ear. This hairstyle looks especially great when created on silky, straight and thin hair.

This is also a hairstyle that is very easy to maintain. There is no need to wash and style it every day and if f you want to add creativity to the basic haircut, simply use gel or hair spray to style ‘up’  your hair as you like.

pixie crop with side-swept bangs

Curly Girl Pixie

Although the pixie looks great on those with rod straight hair a curly girl can carry off this super short cut with style and ease as well

curly girl pixie

The Ice Pixie

The look of a basic pixie cut can also be altered drastically but not only the type of cut used but the colour added as well. This model was given a razor cut pixie with forward swept bangs and the cool icy blonde creates the perfect ice princess look.

Ice Pixie

Sleek Blunt Bob with Side-swept Bangs

‘Girls’ actress Lena Dunham debuted this rather dramatic and glamorous blunt cut bob at the show’s season premiere party this year and as you can see its slightly understated elegance is the perfectly compliment to

blunt bob

The 21st Century Mohawk

The mohawk has come a long way from the days when the original punks in the 1970s used to style their sky high spikes with glue (seriously).  The 21st century take is still edgy and certainly very different but it has a softer edge that looks super sexy instead of scary. Adding a color like the soft raspberry below adds even  more interest and ups the wow factor.

21st century mohawk

 Post-punk Inspired Asymmetric Undercut

If you have the confidence to pull it off then the undercut in its various forms can not only be one of the sexiest and most striking of short haircuts but also one of the easiest to care for. Here a piecey, asymmetric cut is made all the more stunning with a light lilac color wash.

post-punk inspired asymmetric undercut

Wavy or Curly Asymmetric Undercut

This cut has been a favorite of rocker’s girl turned fashionista Kelly Osbourne for years and the fact that she has naturally very curly hair has never stopped her from enjoying its versatility and style .

kelly osbourne

rihanna's undercut

 The Undercut Bob

A classic bob takes on a decidedly modern and edgy air when you add the on trend undercut into the mix.

undercut bob

Pageboy and Asymmetrical Pageboy

Many women would not dream of entertaining the idea of opting for a pageboy cut as an adult as it does tend to remind them too much of that terrible haircut their mother forced on them in kindergarten. These very modern, very grown up takes on the classic cut are very different though and there is nothing childish or awkward about them at all.

page boy haircut

asymmetric pageboy

Grungy Bob

This unkempt, bedhead bob is reminiscent of Nirvana and 90’s grunge and that’s cool. All you need to create the look is freshly washed hair, volumizing mousse and a bit of a sense of irresponsibility.

Check out grungy short hairstyles here

grungy bob

Textured multi-colored Blue Bob

This stunning style is, at its most basic, a classic, slightly asymmetrical  bob but it has been colored, curled and teased into something rather extraordinary.

multi-colored bob

Classic Business Woman’s  haircut with Blue Hair Color from Lea Seydoux

Who says that the hairstyle that you sport to the office every day has to be frumpy and boring. These styles, especially the first one exude a feeling of masculine tinged femininity, power and sassy style all in one haircut!

business woman haircut

textured business lady haircut

Bold Bowl Haircuts

Bowl cut hairstyles are another option that traditionally have a horrible reputation as unflattering, boring and basically rather horrible. However, with the just the right tweaks – bang in different lengths, an undercut, a volumizing style, a bright color – the bowlcut is becoming one of the hottest short hairstyles of the season.

bowl haircut

bowl hair cut

choppy bowl cut

Passionate Purple

Any short haircut can be made even more spectacular with the use of bright bold color. The passionate purple seen here is rather wicked as well as very fashion forward and edgy.

edgy pixie undercut

 The Little Things Make a Difference

Sometimes the smallest of styling details makes a huge difference as you can see from the cute style below.  The wispy little sides transform a straight and somewhat conventional pixie cut into something that looks rather futuristic.

cute pixie with little sides

Anime Inspired Colored Bobs

If you have ever watched any Japanese anime then you know that all of the female characters always have the most extraordinarily colorful hair. These hairstyles bring that cartoon style into the real world perfectly and are playful and fun without being childish.

pink bob

mint bob

 Vidal Sasson for the 21st Century

The late, great Vidal Sasson created bob cuts that had to do one thing, shake back into place perfectly, something achieved by the accuracy of the cut. His creations then went on to define hair fashion in the 1960s and he remained one of the biggest names in the hair design industry until his death in 2012. His students and fans carry on though, taking his basic cutting techniques and updating them for the modern world, as you can see in the pictures below.

vidal sasson bob cut

vidal sasson bob with razored bangs

 The Short Take Veronica Lake

In the 1940s actress Veronica Lake captivated the world by peeking out from behind a curtain bang. This cut is the shorter version of that now iconic look and even though it lacks the length it still offers a huge dose of sultry, seductive glamour.

Veronica Lake's curtain bang

Dark and Delicious

This style combines a number of the elements we have already discussed- a voluminous bowl cut, a striking undercut and a blunt cut bang – in a single hairstyle that simply screams ‘sexy siren’

voluminous bowl cut