30 Female Undercut Hairstyles for Any Face Shape [May, 2020]

30 Female Undercut Hairstyles for Any Face Shape

Have you been considering doing something different with your hair, and really like the undercut look? A lot of women are nervous to try a hairstyle like this, because it is so drastic. But, if you can muster up the courage, you will end up with a style that is uniquely you, and one that really makes a statement. Check out these 30 top trending undercut hairstyles for any face shape and hair length.

#1. Blond Undercut for Women

This classic undercut style is perfect for a round or square face shape. It is a softer undercut that allows you to be feminine yet edgy, and you can add your own flair with a bit (or a lot) of bright color.

#2. Braided Hawk & 360 Undercut for Women

This is a great way to show off your undercut and still rock your long locks. It is perfect for any occasion, and you aren’t limited to one type of braid. If you have an oval-shaped face, opt for less height on top to lessen the elongation effect.

#3. Bun and Undercut Blue Color

This is a simple undercut for those who are new to the world of undercuts and don’t want to go all the way just yet. The blue hues make the undercut really stand out, the style for any face shape because you get to keep your favorite style over the undercut.

#4. Dark Gray Undercut Pixie for Women

Grays are all the rage this year, and this undercut shows them off perfectly. It is great for a round face shape, because the height helps to elongate the face. The design on the sides also flatter this face shape.

#5. Geometric Undercut Tattoo Design for Long Hair

Here is another awesome undercut for long hair. The geometric/tribal design is simple yet bold, and when you wear an up-do with a center part, it adds to the design. Oval shaped faces can really rock this look.

#6. Gorgeous Platinum Pixie Hawk

This is an undercut that is going to look great on anyone with an oval, heart-shaped, or round face. The longer bangs help to lessen the elongation in the face, while the shaved sides help to elongate a shorter, rounder face. Of course, the color is awesome.

#7. Leopard Print 360 Undercut

Bring out your inner feline with this awesome look that lets you enjoy long hair with a funky undercut. This type of ponytail is ideal for round faces, because the longer bangs create a frame. Try this cut with some funky colors for a really bold look.

#8. Long Blond & Buzzed Hairstyle for Women

With this style, you have the long and short of it all the time. Enjoy the trendy undercut on the sides, with a feminine, long ponytail. The undercut on the sides helps to elongate a round face.

#9. Modern Buzzed Pixie Undercut

One of the hottest hair trends this year is the buzzed pixie undercut. Many women with round faces think that they can’t pull off a short hair style like this one. Think again! This style is perfect for a round face shape.

#10. Multicolored Rose Shaved Sides Undercut

undercut hairstyles for women


If you want to go a bit bolder, check out this undercut with shaved sides, in shades of rose. This look is great for the woman on the go who doesn’t have a lot of time to fuss with their hair in the morning. It also works for a rounded face, because the narrow sides help to elongate the face.

#11. Dark Lotus Shaved Nape Design

For those who don’t want to lose their length, but still want to enjoy an undercut, this is the ideal style. You can keep your long hair in the style that you choose, and show off the undercut with a pretty up-do. This works with any face shape, because it goes with the style you already have.

#12. Hearty Undercut Tattoo Design

This is another style that is ideal for those who love to keep their hair long. It is a simple pattern that is relatively easy to maintain, and it looks terrific with a ponytail, bun, or just about any other up-do. Again, this works for all face shapes, because you get to keep the style that best suits you.

#13. Pastel Purple Asymmetric Out Pixie Undercut

You can have the best of both worlds with this medium and short pixie undercut. The front and sides are longer, framing the face for a more feminine look. This style works for any face shape.

#14. Pastel Purple Grown-Out Pixie Undercut

If you have a square-shaped face, this is a look for you. The longer bangs help to soften an angular face, while the undercut has an awesome design. The two-tone purple and black really give this cut an edgy look.

#16. Pixie Undercut Hairstyle for Women

This is a terrific way to get an undercut without being too over the top if you aren’t ready for something bolder. The bangs help to shorten a long, oval face, and give a softer look. Try adding a few streaks of pink or purple to make this style really pop.

#17. Platinum Female Undercut for Long Hair

styling an undercut women


Long, platinum locks look awesome in an up-do with an undercut. Whether you are at work or going out for a night on the town, this is sure to be a look that works. The side pieces help to narrow a round face, and a cool tattoo would really complete the look.

#18. Cool Pulp Riot Pixie Hawk

When you really want to stand out in a crowd, this is a look that will make it happen. The gorgeous shade of purple really works with the fuchsia and emerald, and are perfect for this design, which works for pretty much all face shapes.

#19. Purple Rain & Taper Fade Undercut

Never think that your hair is too long for a Mohawk-style cut. This taper fade undercut gives you that look, but you get to keep an awesome long ponytail. This look looks great on most face shapes, and it really works for a round or heart-shaped face because of the shaved sides.

#20. Rich Red Hair & Shaved Nape Design

Rock the red with this bright and funky undercut design. Any type of up-do will show off the artwork, and a splash of extra red in the design will really make it stand out. This is a great look for all face shapes, and you can play with a variety of up-dos.

#21. Sexy Cropped Pixie Cut

For an edgy, bold look, opt for this shaved style that is easy to maintain. It is also great for those who don’t want to have to fuss with their hairstyle every day, and just want to be able to get up and go. This style looks great on those with oval and heart-shaped faces.

#22. Shaved Sides Undercut with Bleached Top

This feminine undercut style looks fantastic in the two colors, and it works for most face shapes. It is specifically great for oval faces, because the long bangs help to shorten the face. Try doing the bottom part in a fun color to make this look really pop.

#23. Shaved Nape Pixie Undercut

This look is great for the woman on the go who also wants to look feminine. The undercut in the back is just the right amount for a professional look, and the longer bangs give you something to play with, including color. This cut helps to soften a square face.

#24. Ashy White with Shaved Sides and Nape

Similar to the above cut, this one takes the undercut a bit further and brings it to the sides. The color is definitely one that is trending for 2020, and the body in this style is great for those who want to shorten a long, oval face.

#25. Soft Fade Hard Part Pixie Cut for Women

This simple undercut style is not best for a round or square-shaped face, as it can make it look even shorter. The separation line between medium-length hair and the undercut helps to shorten a long, oval face.

#26. Space Buns & Rainbow Buzz Cut

Anyone who loves to have fun with their hair will absolutely adore this style. Enjoy your favorite funky colors, and incorporate those colors into your undercut. This look works on oval shaped faces, and if you wear bangs, it is great for round or heart-shaped faces too.

#27. Stunning Pink Undercut Bob for Women

Get ready for romance with this adorable pink undercut with a heart design. This is great for medium-length hair, making it the perfect style for those who have round faces. The long bob helps to frame the face, so it is also great for a square face as it will soften the edges.

#28. Super Cute Undercut Pixie

This adorable pixie cut is cute in this color, but just imagine it with the sides in gradient colors. The long bangs are great for an oval face shape, and the look is easy to take care of without the need for a lot of styling tools.

#29. Two Colored Undercut Bob for Women

Here is a more subtle undercut that works for most face shapes. The two colors bring out highlights and add dimension to the style, without being too drastic or severe. This is another undercut that is very easy to maintain.

#30. Vibrant Hot Pink Pixie Hawk

Last, but not least, is a look that makes a strong statement. It says you love color, and you love to be different. This look offers a trendy undercut, with feminine curls and that awesome color. Wear this style to soften a square-shaped face.

One of the great things about your hair is just that: it’s only hair. Play with it. Get an undercut. Add some funky colors. If you don’t like it, you can change it, or wait until it grows out and then try something different. Remember, life is way too short to have boring hair or clothes.