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50+ Awesome Purple Highlights In Brown Hair Ideas

dark purple highlights

Are you considering leaving your comfort zone and trying a new, offbeat hair color? Purple is a perfect option! Not only is it the peak of fashion this year, but it is also truly versatile for any skin tone and hair type, is quite easy to achieve, and gives you an edgy yet spiritual look. […]

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Top-9 Best Hair Loss Shampoos For 2018

Are you experiencing hair loss? This is something that most men will have to deal with at some point in their lives, and it is something that many women must deal with as well. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all American men will have dealt with hair loss in one form or another by the […]

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Top Biotin Shampoos To Treat And Prevent Hair Loss For 2018

Throughout the years, we have tried all sorts of remedies that are “guaranteed” to prevent and treat hair loss. But, is there really such a miracle product out there that can do this? Yes, there are such products, and many are made with nutrients that are necessary for healthy hair, nails, and skin. There are […]

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The Best Hot Air Curling Brushes 2018

We’ve all been there: You wake up to do your hair and your styling tool is making your hair fall flat. You can’t get the curl or wave you want. You guess it will just have to be another ponytail day. But does it really have to be? Look: When you have the right curling […]

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Top-15 Best Organic Shampoos For 2018

Every day, we see advertisements for miracle hair care products that are guaranteed to give you soft, shiny, healthy, manageable hair. But, a lot of these products contain chemicals that aren’t really all that great for our hair. If you really want to find hair care products that ARE good for your hair, you need […]

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Top-25 Edgy Pixie Undercut Ideas To Try Right Now!

short undercut hairstyle pictures

If you’ve ever thought about trying a pixie haircut, these choices will have you running to your stylist. From super short and super blonde to etched with artwork and colors that will dazzle you, the possibilities are endless. Try a deep purple, or an assortment of cotton candy pastels, or maybe a show stopping fuchsia […]

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