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Do you prefer chic balayage or radical green undercut? Here we have collected a lot of ideas of hair colors, hints to help you to look fancy or gorgeous

25 Upstart Red Hair Color Ideas To Liven Up Your Haircut

Red hair color is very popular nowadays, as well as sexy, provocative and rare. In fact, only 2 percent of people in the world has red hair by nature (and about 13% in Scotland!). There are more shades of a red color than any other. It can range from a strawberry blonde to a deep mahogany, with a ginger […]

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Blonde Hair Colors Guide For 2018

So you made a decision – you want to go blonde. But you want to do so in a way that looks as natural as possible and is also right ‘on trend.’ There is more to it than you might think though, as you will discover when you begin to look for hair color options. […]

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