Top-25 Black And Blue Hair Color Ideas

No matter if you a fan of one of the shorter haircuts like a bob, a lob, or a pixie or prefer to keep it layered and long the newer options in hair color can be matched to your personal style with little to no effort at all. One can even shave a side, add designs to the back of the neck or rock a full out Mohawk.

Much like the sky, or even the galaxy, themselves, when it comes to the color ideas that incorporate the shades of black and blue there are endless possibilities. Then choose where you’d like to incorporate your love of life, sand art, unicorns, or the ocean into your daily lifestyle. All that is left to decide is if you prefer to pair it with one of the simpler brush and go styles, toss it a braid or design one of the more complex looks that might take a little extra time to perfect.

Mix that with the many varieties of actual dying styles such as the ever popular streaks, chunks, highlights, frosting, and all over colors; we don’t want to forget the newer dying tricks such as ombré, somber, balayage, and dip dying on that list.

The following images can show you that with a little creativity, luck, or the greatest stylist how much fun can be had with hues of blue. The following images are here to help inspire you.

#1. Rounded Aquamarine Bob With Multidimensional Highlights

black and blue hair

photo by @alchemyhairsalon

#2. Multicolored Highlights On Long Dark Waves

black blue and purple hair

photo by @besthairinspirations

#3. Blue-toned Highlights

blue and black ombre hair

photo by @constancerobbins

#4. Subtle Hints Of Blue On Dark Tousled Lob

dark blue and black hair

photo by @jaylenzanelli

#5. Blue And Gray Hints On Dark Hair

black hair with blue and gray highlights

photo by @jaylenzanelli

#6. Blue And Turquoise Ombre On Black Hair

black, turquoise and blue ombre hair

photo by @jayrua_glamhairsalon

#7. Faded Violet Ombre On Dark Hair

black and blue ombre hair color

photo by @jeffreyrobert_

#8. Turquoise Highlights On Dark Brown Wavy Hair

turquoise and black scene hair

photo by @kateloveshair

#9. Blue And Purple Highlights

black purple and blue hair

photo by @kateloveshair

#10. Jet Black And Mystic Violet Hair Color

black and dark blue hair

photo by @kimwasabi

#11. Faded Gray Blue Highlights

black and blue hair color ideas

photo by @larisadoll

#12. Washed Out Blue Ombre On Black Hair

blue and black hair tumblr

photo by @larisadoll

#13. Neon Blue And Turquoise Highlights

electric blue and black hair

photo by @masey.cheveux

#14. Dark Blue Ombre Coloration On Dark Brown Hair

blue and black hair styles

photo by @masey.cheveux

#15. Black And Melting Blue To White Asymmetric Lob

scene hair blue and black

photo by @modernsalon

#16. Blue Balayage Hair Coloration

pastel blue and black hair

photo by @panthercitysalon

#17. Blue And Green Tips On Black Hair

black hair and blue and green highlights

photo by @singi.vo.peters

#18. Frost Colored A-line Bob

black blue and blonde hair

photo by @tarynpynky1

#19. Blue, Blonde And Black Hair

black and blue tips hair

photo by @shmeggsandbaconn

#20.  Black And Cobalt Blue Balayage Hairstyle

blue and black hair color ideas

photo by @stevievincenthairartistry

#21. Neon Blue Tips

black and blue hair styles

photo by @theunicorntribe

#22. Navy Tips On Jet Black Curls

dark blue and black hair

photo by @theunicorntribe

#23. Pastel Blue Ombre Hair

blue and black hair color

photo by @vanessastylesyou

#24. Blue And Gray Color Magic

light blue and black hair

photo by @kimwasabi

#25. Tiny Navy Tips On Dark Brown Hair

Layered brown bob with blue streaks

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