15 Best Organic Shampoos That Are Cruelty-Free [June, 2021]

15 Best Organic Shampoos That Are Cruelty-Free

Every day, we see advertisements for miracle hair care products that are guaranteed to give you soft, shiny, healthy, manageable hair. But, a lot of these products contain chemicals that aren’t really all that great for our hair.

If you really want to find hair care products that ARE good for your hair, you need to take a look at organic shampoos. Organics aren’t just for our diets, and they can help give you hair that is healthy and gorgeous.

To help you make the best choice for the products you are using on your hair, we have compiles a list of our favorite organic shampoos that include their benefits, ingredients, and tester remarks.

Best Organic Shampoo Rewiews

Best Organic Shampoo

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Organic Daily Argan Oil Shampoo

Organic Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair

Shampoo for Oily Hair & Oily Scalp & Anti Dandruff

Organic Shampoo For Oily Hair, Best Organic Clarifying Shampoo

Sage Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Best Organic Dandruff Shampoo

  • Best organic hair loss shampoo for hair loss
  • Certified by UDSA with 90% biobased content
  • Contains 15 broad-spectrum DHA blockers
  • Contains no parabens, harmful chemicals, or sulfates
  • Color safe, so it is safe for all types of hair, including color-treated hair
  • Contains pumpkin seed oil, black cumin seed oil, nettle, and biotin, among other healthy, natural ingredients
  • Contains aloe vera and red Korean seaweed for extra protection against breakage
  • Contains natural, plant-based preservatives, including citric acid, xylitol sesquicaprylate
  • Users report that this product also helps their skin in general, and helped to clear acne breakouts
  • Users notice less hair fall after washing and brushing their hair when they use this product
  • Leaves the scalp feeling tingly and refreshed after use
  • Best organic shampoo for color treated hair
  • Cleans effectively without stripping away color
  • Contains all-natural ingredients, including argan oil, rosemary essential oil, nettle, almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, orange blossom essential oil, and white willow bark extracts
  • Contains vitamin E for shiny, soft, manageable hair
  • The hydrating properties allow you to use your hair dryers, curling irons, etc. without worrying about drying your hair out
  • Helps to stimulate cell renewal for healthy new hair growth
  • Revives the hair follicles for a healthy scalp
  • Hair is more resistant to breakage with regular use of this product
  • This is a frizz-free formula that helps to keep your hair under control and looking terrific
  • Sulfate and paraben-free so it won’t strip away natural oils from your hair
  • Best organic shampoo for a dry scalp and preventing dandruff
  • This is great for all hair types, and will ensure that your hair looks healthy and shiny
  • Natural ingredients such as carrot oil, parsley seed, silk peptides, and almond oil work together is a great growth treatment
  • Contains jojoba oil and keratin that help keep hair free of frizz while decreasing shedding and restoring hair
  • This product is hypoallergenic, so it is ideal for those who have sensitive skin
  • Helps to rejuvenate hair follicles and skin cells
  • Contains almond oil, lavender essential oil, parsley seed oil, and carrot essential oil
  • Lathers nicely
  • Users report that after regular usage their hair is more manageable
  • Users report that when used with a conditioner, this product leaves their hair smooth and silky
  • Best organic shampoo for oil hair, and the best organic clarifying shampoo
  • Removes grease and buildup from your hair and scalp without stripping away natural oils
  • Contains rosemary essential oil and jojoba oil to help relieve scalp itch
  • Improves circulation on the scalp and helps to strengthen your hair
  • Paraben and sulfate-free
  • If you aren’t satisfied, you can get a 100% refund. Just send back the unused portion
  • Naturally balances the oils in the scalp and hair
  • Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that will help keep your hair looking shiny and healthy
  • Treats dandruff, and prevents flakes from coming back
  • Hypoallergenic, so even those with sensitive skin can use this product
  • Best organic dry shampoo
  • Contains arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, and baking soda to absorb excess oils
  • Contains rose geranium and palmarosa essential oils for a beachy scent
  • This is a non-GMO product
  • Contains no parabens and sulfates to dry out your hair
  • Not tested on animals and cruelty-free
  • All ingredients are organic and wild-harvested
  • Will add a bit of volume to fine, limp hair
  • This product has natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Protects the scalp against free-radicals that can damage the skin
  • Best organic shampoo for dry and damaged hair
  • Contains almond, avocado, jojoba, peach kernel, camellia seed essential oils for hair and scalp health
  • Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E to help increase hair strength and eliminate frizz
  • Contains argan oil and keratin to help nourish the scalp
  • This is a great shampoo for preventing dandruff because it works to help eliminate dry hair and scalp
  • Silk amino acids, green tea, sea buckthorn, and almond oil help to strengthen hair and promote new growth
  • Using this product will help to reduce shedding
  • This product won’t weigh your hair down, and will leave it soft and light feeling
  • This product is cruelty-free and not tested on animals
  • Users report new life to dry, damaged hair after regular usage

Thinning hair is a problem for many people – both men and women. This shampoo contains a number of ingredients that are believed to help hair grow longer and stronger as well as help halt hair loss and give new hair a chance to grow. Packed full of the B vitamins that are so crucial to healthy hair this shampoo also contains aloe, jojoba, rosemary and wheat germ – all ingredients that are believed to help hair grow and even restore itself.

This shampoo has garnered rave reviews from many of its users who do indeed feel that it not helps their hair look thicker but while it does not regrow hair in anyway ( a misconception that some people had and not a claim that the manufacturer made) it did make it appear much fuller and feel stronger – something that can be a real confidence booster for those sensitive about their thinning hair.

Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo Review:

  • Best organic shampoo and conditioner combo
  • Contains no GMO’s.
  • Completely vegan, and can be used by anyone
  • Contains no parabens, harsh sulfates, or preservatives.
  • Contains no synthetic colors or fragrances, and has a fresh, clean scent.
  • Contains saw palmetto, biotin, vitamin E, and plant proteins
  • Users report less dandruff and hair fall with regular use
  • Contains B-complex vitamins for total hair health
  • Lathers nicely thanks to natural ingredients instead of chemicals
  • Biodegradable
  • PH balanced
  • Best organic dandruff shampoo
  • Helps to diminish dandruff and promote strong, healthy hair
  • Contains rosemary essential oil, tea tree oil, spikenard oil, keratin, and other natural ingredients
  • This product is not tested on animals and is cruelty-free
  • Users reported a huge reduction in dandruff flakes, and didn’t have an itchy scalp
  • Contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help to restore the natural color in your hair
  • Contains argan and jojoba oils, which help to provide moisture and bring out the shine in your hair
  • Contains sage, which is a natural remedy for hair loss
  • Has a mild, spicy scent that is enjoyed by both men and women
  • Promotes healthy new hair growth
  • Safe to use for all hair types
  • Best organic baby shampoo available
  • Safe for children of all ages, including adults
  • Contains citrus essential oils for shiny hair (and a great scent)
  • Contains only natural preservatives, including coconut and plant-based preservatives, caprylyl glycol and ethylhexylglycerin
  • All ingredients are food and plant based, and include vegetable-based cleanser, coconut based cleanser, plant-based skin softeners, and pink grapefruit essential oil
  • Contains Himalayan sea salts, which help to hydrate and balance the skin
  • This shampoo is tear-free and gentle to the eyes
  • Contains no harsh sulfates
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can also be used as a bubble bath for bonding time with your baby
  • Shampoo recieves score 2 in EWG's Cosmetics Database as low hazard product

Another unusual idea to some might be putting castor oil in their hair but women have actually been doing so since Cleopatra’s time back in Ancient Egypt in an attempt to keep their hair moisturized and healthy and thousands of women still do so today. This shampoo contains Jamaican Black Castor Oil which many people have found to be effective for smoothing frizzy hair and adding body and shine as well as helping hair faster.

100% natural and free of alcohol and sulfates this shampoo is a big hit with ladies with thicker, curlier harder to manage hair. People who like the product praise its ability to leave them with smoother, silkier hair that can be styled without the need for chemical straighteners or hot styling tools.

As this is a shampoo that contains no sulfates it does not lather as much as a drug store shampoo, something some people did not like and some also found the smell a little overpowering (although they did like the end result).

This all natural shampoo is a “clarifying” shampoo, designed to free the hair of a build up of styling product and other pollutants. Regular shampoos often leave traces of these things behind and most professional stylists do recommend that anyone, whatever their hair type use a clarifying shampoo in place of their regular brand at least occasionally.

This shampoo has a great many all natural ingredients – Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Jojoba oil and Japanese Green Tea, all excellent cleansers. Those who liked this shampoo found it did take a couple of washes before they noticed a real difference (which is actually something that the manufacturer states you might right on the bottle) but when they did most found that their hair had extra body and was far easier to style and control even when wet.

NaturOli Extreme Soapnut shampoo has 1 score at EWG’s Cosmetics Database

This is a shampoo that is designed to help repair some of the damage done by coloring products and other chemical hair treatments. In addition to grape extract it also contains rosemary, yarrow, witch hazel and coconut oil – substances that clarify and moisturize hair.

Those who liked it thought it did a great job of making dull damaged hair look stronger and healthier and although it is not marketed to people with oily hair a number of people with that hair type found that using this shampoo helped to alleviate the problem quite a lot and reduced the need for daily hair washing.

Another “dual use” product this shampoo is designed for babies but some Moms find that it works just fine for them too, especially those with fine hair. The ingredients are very simple with the primary one being organic calendula flower, a gentle natural plant based cleanser. Moms tended to love this product for their kids because it is free of artificial ingredients and is very gentle both on hair and skin.

This is another sulphate free offering that has an intense, tropical aroma that some people love and some people find to be a little too much. In terms of ingredients it contains natural aloe vera extract, Awaphui, a Hawaiian wild ginger that softens hair and Kukui nut oil that is rich in the Omega 3 fatty acids that help hair grow faster and stronger. People who liked this shampoo felt that it left their hair feeling very clean without feeling too dried out and that it helped make fine hair a little more manageable when styling.

This shampoo was around long before organic shampoos became trendy. It is very simple – its only ingredients are Potassium Solution and Coconut-Olive-Jojoba-Peppermint Oils and it is designed to be used as an all in one shampoo, body and hand soap. Most people do not use it as a shampoo on a regular basis but find its great in a pinch although it can leave a slightly waxy feel on oily hair.


We hope that you have learned a lot today about the many benefits of using organic shampoos instead of chemical-based hair care products. We have shown you what ingredients go into both types of products, and given you the information you need to make the best choice for your own hair. Of the shampoos we tested, by far, our favorite is Art Naturals Organic Daily Argan Oil Shampoo, because it is an all-around awesome product. Of course, you can do your own comparison, and find the organic shampoo and conditioner that best suit your hair care needs.

Organics VS. Chemicals: What do You Think?

There are always going to be arguments about whether or not organic products are really any better for us than other products that contain chemicals. Think about it. The word “chemicals” should be a huge warning sign right there that something isn’t right. Our bodies come from nature, so the products we use and the foods we eat should also come from nature. With this in mind, we would like you to take a look at some of the harmful ingredients found in chemical-based and organic shampoos, as well as the pros and cons of both types of products. Then, YOU can decide what you would rather be using on your hair.

What is in Your Regular Shampoo?

If you buy cheaper shampoos from your local department store or pharmacy, it is likely that you are not doing your hair a lot of good. Most of these products are loaded with chemicals that you wouldn’t want to put in your body, so why would you want to put them on your body? Take a look at some of the nasty things found in chemical-based shampoos.


Shortly about Sodium Laureth Sulphate dangers for hair and skin:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is such a caustic cleanser that it actually corrodes the hair follicle and impairs the ability to grow hair
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate causes skin to flake and to separate and causes roughness on the skin


  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate – A harsh detergent that can strip natural oils from your hair. This can lead to dryness, brittleness, and breakage
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – This is the agent that causes shampoo to lather, but it is little more than a harsh detergent that can break down the proteins in the hair and prevent healthy growth
  • Sodium Chloride – This is basically table salt, and it is used to thicken shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium chloride can cause a dry and itchy scalp, and can lead to hair loss
  • Polyethelyne Glycol – This is a thickening agent, and it can strip the hair of natural oils and cause it to be dry and brittle can lead to hair loss
  • Diethanolimine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA) – These ingredients can lead to scalp irritation, and cause allergic reactions. They will destroy keratin and other nutrients in the hair
  • Parabens – These are used as preservatives to prolong shelf life. Parabens are toxic, and can irritate the scalp and affect the hormonal balance, leading to hair loss
  • Formaldehyde – This is used by morticians in the preservation of dead bodies. Need we say any more? leading to hair loss
  • Alcohol – This can really dry out your hair if there are large amounts in your shampoo. Avoid shampoos that have alcohol listed in the first few ingredients
  • Synthetic Fragrance – Also called “parfum”, fragrance is usually made up of a mixture of thousands of chemicals that can irritate the scalp
  • Synthetic Colorants – As with fragrances, synthetic colors are made from chemicals that can cause skin irritation. If your shampoo lists FD&C or D&C along with a color and a number, stop using it
  • Propylene Glycol – This is basically antifreeze that you would use in your car. Do you REALLY want to put it on your head? It can cause allergic reactions and skin irritations, and it can even change the skin structure
  • Lanolin, Petroleum, and Mineral Oil – These are ingredients found in many hair care products that offer absolutely no real benefits. Rather than moisturize your hair, they end up weighing it down and keep the natural oils from being absorbed by the hair shaft
  • Dimethicone – This synthetic polymer is a type of silicone that seals in moisture. Unfortunately, it can also seal off the hair follicles, leading to dryness, scalp irritation, and thinning hair

Okay, so now that you are completely grossed out by all of the nasty ingredients in chemical-based shampoos, let’s take a look at some of the healthy, natural ingredients found in organic shampoos that help to promote good hair health.

Ingredients in Organic Shampoo

  • Argan Oil – This is a multi-purpose hair care oil. Not only can it help to repair damaged hair and make it more manageable, the nutrients also help to reduce breakage and promote thicker hair and new hair growth
  • Coconut Oil – This oil is loaded with nutrients, and is one of the main ingredients in many organic shampoos. It helps both oily and dry scalps, and promotes healthy hair growth, making it soft, shiny, full, and manageable
  • Grapeseed Oil – This is an odorless oil that isn’t greasy. It can be used as a sunscreen for your hair, and is found in many hair and scalp treatments. Grapeseed oil helps to treat dandruff, and makes your hair stronger because it contains vitamin E and linoleic acid
  • Avocado Oil – This is loaded with vitamins A, D, and E, and also contains protein and B vitamins. It helps to moisturize each strand of hair, and gives nutrients to your scalp to help you grow longer, stronger hair
  • Olive Oil – This light oil moisturizes your hair, and contains vitamin E and fatty acids. These nutrients help to make your hair healthy, and you will notice that using organic shampoos with olive oil makes your hair nice and shiny
  • Jojoba Oil - This oil comes from a plant, and is one of the closest in relation to the natural oils found in hair. It is full of nutrients that help to keep your hair moisturized and conditioned, and it is used for dandruff control
  • Castor Oil – This oil helps to stimulate the scalp, and it can also help to promote healthy new hair growth. It also seals the ends of your hair, which is going to help to prevent split ends and keep your hair looking healthy
  • Emu Oil – This oil can help to reinvigorate hair follicles. Studies show that treating the scalp with emu oil can result in up to 20% increase in new hair growth. Emu oil is also great for your skin, and can be found in a number of skin and hair care products
  • Macadamia Oil – This has many hydrating properties, making it an ideal ingredient for hair care products. It contains squalene, a natural antioxidant that helps to prevent moisture loss in the skin. It also contains fatty acids that help to strengthen hair follicles and prevent thinning hair
  • Rosemary Essential Oil – This essential oil is loaded with antioxidants that help keep your hair from graying prematurely, and help to prevent thinning hair. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn stimulates hair follicles i
  • Chamomile Essential Oil – There are a few types of chamomile, with the Roman Chamomile oil being the one most used in hair care products. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and can help to relieve a dry, itchy scalp caused by dandruff, dermatitis, and psoriasis
  • Thyme Essential Oil – This helps to increase the flow of blood to the scalp, and reinvigorates the hair follicles. It can help to promote new hair growth, and is often found in organic shampoos that are geared towards preventing thinning hair
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – This oil gives a cooling, tingling sensation when used on the skin, and helps to improve blood flow. This will help to rejuvenate hair follicles, and increase the chances of new hair growth. It helps to open clogged pores and allows the natural oils to come through
  • Tea Tree Oil – This essential oil is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including dandruff. In fact, it is thought to be the top natural remedy for dandruff, because it helps to moisturize the scalp and prevent dryness and itching hrough
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – This highly-scented oil is great in fighting a dry scalp caused by a lack of sebum production from the skin glands, which can leave hair brittle and thinning. Products with this oil can help to increase hair volume ough

These are some of the main herbal ingredients that are used in many chemical-free shampoos. Here are some more natural ingredients that you will find in these products.

  • Water – This is also seen on labels as “aqua”. Often, the water is purified through reverse-osmosis technology. Or, other liquids such as aloe vera are used to make the shampoo thin enough to use.
  • Detergent – Organic shampoos do not contain harsh detergents. What they do contain are ingredients that clean the hair without detergents (often without a lot of lather as well, but this doesn’t mean your hair isn’t getting clean).
  • Conditioners – Most organic shampoos contain conditioning agents, which are all-natural, such as herbs and plant oils.
  • Thickeners – While chemical-based shampoos use chemical products as thickeners, organic shampoos often use natural plant gums.
  • Preservatives – In order to last a while, most products need to have preservatives. But, these preservatives do not have to be chemical. Organic shampoos often contain natural preservatives such as grapeseed oil, benzoate, and sorbate.
  • Fragrance – With chemical-based shampoos, you will find artificial scents that are often overpowering, and made from chemicals. This is not good for anyone with sensitive skin. Organic products are scented naturally via the essential oils and other natural ingredients.
  • Color – Artificial color is generally used in cheaper shampoos, and these colors are usually made up of a recipe of chemicals. Most organic shampoos have no colorants added, and those that do have color use natural dyes.
  • Medicinal Ingredients – Some organic shampoos may contain medicinal ingredients used to treat thinning hair, dandruff, etc., such as minoxidil.

The Pros and Cons of Chemical-Based Shampoos

Most people don’t realize that the shampoos and conditioners they are buying at their favorite department stores are actually doing more harm than good to their hair. Sure, there are a few good things to be said about chemical-based shampoos, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using these products.


  • You can buy them in just about any store
  • They are inexpensive when compared to organic and specialty shampoos


  • Synthetic chemicals can lead to premature graying and hair loss
  • Synthetic chemicals can lead to a whole host of health problems, including certain cancers
  • Ingredients can destroy hair follicles
  • Because over half of what goes onto your skin gets absorbed into the body, when you use chemically-laden products, your body absorbs those harmful chemicals
  • Some of the chemicals in these products are lethal in larger doses, and can be dangerous when used over long periods of time
  • Most of these products have strong scents that are produced with even more chemicals

As you can see, there are a lot more cons than pros when it comes to using chemical-based shampoos, and these are just a FEW of the cons.

The Pros and Cons of Organic Shampoos

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of organic shampoos. You will notice that the lists are reversed, with a lot more pros and hardly any cons for organics, as opposed to the chemical-based products that aren’t very good for your hair.


  • No harmful chemicals, so products are safe for your hair, and for the environment
  • Many organic shampoos are cruelty-free, meaning they have not been tested on animals
  • The natural ingredients found in organic shampoos and conditioners help to enrich the skin cells and hair follicles, and promote healthy hair growth
  • The natural oils help the body to produce more natural oils, which is going to make your hair thicker and shinier
  • No harsh sulfates or parabens animals
  • Safe for all hair types, and most products are even safe for color-treated hair
  • Natural ingredients are loaded with nutrients and help to prevent hair loss as well as promote new hair growth
  • Organic ingredients can help to prevent dandruff
  • Scents aren’t as overpowering as they are in chemical-based products that have added chemicals to mask the scent of the other chemicals
  • Many organic shampoos and conditioners are vegan, as well as gluten-free, so everyone can use them


  • Organic shampoos and conditioners are more expensive than the other products. But, the fact that you will have gorgeous, manageable, healthy hair more than overrides the extra cost

Best Organic Shampoo Of 2020

Going organic is still a growing trend but organic does not just apply to food it applies to shampoos as well. Concerned about the effects that some of the artificial ingredients contained in conventional shampoos might be having on their hair (as well as maybe their health) more and more people are making the switch to a more natural alternative. Here then is a look at some of the most popular organic shampoos available right now:

#19. Lily Of The Desert Aloe 80 Organics Daily Shampoo

This shampoo is packed full of ingredients that are great for all different types of hair. There is aloe vera for shine and body, rosemary for strength and color clarification (even for naturally colored hair) and wheat germ to add even more strength. In addition to these all natural ingredients this shampoo is free of parabens and all artificial colors and perfumes and has a nice fresh scent that many users like a lot. Those who like this shampoo tend to have fine hair prone to a little greasiness and they liked the way it performed as well as the way it produced a good lather, especially for a sulphate free shampoo.  A number of users prone to dandruff and itchy scalp found that not only did it not help clear up the problem some felt it made it worse.

#18. Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo

The list of ingredients contained is this lovely smelling shampoo is an impressive one, including honeysuckle and rose oils, Extracts of Fennel, Hops, Balm Mint, Mistletoe, Chamomile, Yarrow, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Angelica, Chrysanthemum, Magnolia, Horsetail, Coltsfoot and Forsythia and coconut and sweet almond oils. All of these ingredients are great for adding moisture and shine to hair, making this shampoo an ideal choice for those with dry hair that tends to break easily.

Fans of this shampoo loved its smell and felt it did a great job adding moisture to their hair without making it look oily or greasy. Some were a little put off by the lack of lather but that is fairly normal for a sulphate free product like this one as it is those chemicals that are responsible for the excessive amounts of lather some shampoos produce. The lather does not really serve a purpose as far as cleansing hair but some people do prefer it is there!

#17. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo

Although adding olive oil to shampoo might seem like a rather strange idea first it is in fact a substance that has been known for its ability to strengthen and moisturize hair for a long time, going back centuries in fact and has long been used by those hoping to tame coarse hair. Technically though this shampoo is not completely organic in the sense of the word you might be expecting. Unlike some other certified organic shampoos, which contain no artificial ingredients this shampoo does contain parabens and sulphates although the olive oil it contains is natural.

On the positive side many people who tried this shampoo found that it made a noticeable difference to the manageability of their difficult hair and that it softened coarse hair very well.

#16. Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash, Vanilla Tangerine

This is a slightly different kind of organic shampoo as it is designed to be an all purpose product that can be used as a shampoo and a body wash ( a convenience that some people really like) Its ingredients include Certified Organic Aloe, Organic Comfrey, Organic Calendula, Shea Butter, Kukui Nut Oil, Safflower Oil and Natural Vitamin E and since it is designed to be used on babies as well as adults it is “tear free”.

This is a shampoo that tends to be a hit with whole families and Moms have raved not only about how nice it leaves their children’s hair but also how it helped solve dry skin problems (something that can be very painful for babies.) Fans of this product also love the smell which is described as sweet and light and not at all overpowering.

#11. Renpure Organics I Love My Hair! Body and Shine Shampoo

Dull, rather lifeless hair is a problem for many people and often even styling products designed to add shine and volume are not very effective leaving some people with oily, sticky hair instead. This shampoo is designed to add body and shine naturally and contains Hydrolyzed Soy Protein for conditioning and Chamomile and Green tea to add shine and improve hair elasticity.

Fans of this shampoo say it leaves their hair with more volume and a “cleaner feel”. Some even say that it does such a great job of moisturizing their dry hair that they have switched to a lightweight conditioner only.

#10. Nexxus Phyto Organics Theratin Extreme Moisture Shampoo

Nexxus is a very well known name in the mainstream beauty industry and it may surprise some that they make an organic shampoo at all. This is perhaps not however a completely organic shampoo as it does contain sulfates, something some people feel organic shampoos should not. It does however contain natural soapbark extract, Manuka honey and pineapple extract. Those that liked this shampoo though really loved it, raving about how shiny and manageable it left their hair as well as the great smell.

#9. John Masters Organics – Lavender Rosemary Shampoo

This shampoo is paraben free and has only limited number of sulfates as well. The lavender and rosemary it contains is there to strengthen hair and reduce breakage while providing just the right amount of extra moisture. Rosemary also helps reduce hair loss while adding the illusion of additional volume to fine hair.

Fans of this shampoo liked the way it left their hair feeling and some felt it really did help halt hair loss. Others just really liked the smell and the lightweight conditioning.

#8. Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo

This is another shampoo designed for regular use as a clarifying shampoo. It contains a number of clarifying and strengthening ingredients including rosemary, sage, lemon extract and chamomile. This shampoo gets especially good reviews from people with oily hair who found that it helped “cut through the grease” without drying their hair out or making it look dull.

#7. Pura d'or Anti-dandruff: Premium Organic Shampoo

Dandruff is a problem that can be very hard to deal with and many people think that only the harsher chemicals in drug store shampoos can have any effect at all. This shampoo does not contain any of those chemicals but instead uses a combination of essential oils – tea tree, rosemary, lemon bark, lavender and avocado – to combat dandruff instead while also containing the B vitamins that are so good for hair’s overall health. Those who like this shampoo – and that is a lot of people – all say pretty much the same thing – that it works very well to reduce dandruff and flaky scalp and that they have stopped using drugstore shampoos and have switched to this one instead!

#6. Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo

This shampoo is sulfate and paraben free and contains both organic coconut milk extract and egg white proteins which add strength and elasticity to hair. Fans of this shampoo love it for its decadent smell and surprisingly rich lather but some do complain that it has a tendency to dry their hair out a little and not using an additional conditioner is not an option! Some also find the coconut smell a little overpowering but that does tend to be a matter of personal taste as some people who have reviewed it love the aroma!

#5. Jason Natural Products Shampoo Biotin

Biotin is an essential B vitamin that helps health grow longer and stronger but that is not all that this shampoo contains. It is also enriched with keratin amino acids, another great substance – it’s what hair is made from anyway and the extra dose can help mend split ends. There is ginseng, jojoba oil aloe vera and chamomile in the formula as well.

Many of the people who tried this one loved it but surprisingly perhaps the real rave reviews come from guys who like the way it leaves the texture and feel of their hair but does not leave behind a feminine scent. Men with thinning hair also felt it made what hair they had look thicker and stronger.

#4. Giovanni Cosmetics Shampoo Tea Tree Triple Treat

This shampoo is a clarifying product infused with real tea tree oil to help calm an irritated scalp as well. The natural antibacterial properties of tea tree oil are responsible for that and tea tree oil is considered to be a great weapon against dandruff as well. This formula also contains peppermint oil which has a cooling, relaxing effect when it is massaged into the scalp.

People who have tried it rave about that refreshing peppermint and its wonderful aroma and some swear they can come out of the shower feeling more energized because of it aside from having soft clean hair as well. People with oily hair also found it as effective as people with dandruff did but some with “normal” hair the shampoo dried their hair out a little.

#3. CHI Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy Shampoo

This shampoo, which is full of essential oils like Basil, Nettle, Lemon, Orange, and Lime oils as well as olive oils is designed to restore strength and shine to hair that has been damaged by repeated colorings without stripping away the color that is there. The shampoo has a pleasant jasmine scent that is relaxing and a light feel. There are no sulphates but reviewers say in spite of that fact the lather is creamy and rich. This shampoo is popular with women of color as well as with women who have damaged hair as they feel it makes their hair softer, easy to manage and smooths out a lot of the natural “kink” in their hair.

#2. Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo

This shampoo is designed to put moisture back into dry, damaged hair and seal it there so that hair remains soft and shiny when it has been dried and styled. In addition to pure shea butter it also contains argan oil, a Moroccan oil known for its shining properties. Some people balk at the price of this shampoo as it is rather high but those who like it best are people with very damaged hair -either from coloring or chemical processing – who feel it works very well to repair split ends and add moisture back to their hair that the chemicals had stripped out.

#1. TheraNeem Gentle Therape Shampoo

Neem oil is another essential oil that like tea tree oil is known for its ability to calm an irritated , itchy scalp and help reduce dandruff and flakes. The shampoo also contains cherry bark for extra shine and chamomile for clarifying purposes. Those who liked it found it helped relieve not only a general itchy scalp but scalp problems caused by more serious conditions like psoriasis and rosacea and it appealed to guys because of its light, not too feminine scent.