What Is The Most Flattering Hairstyles For Overweight Woman? 15 Hot Ideas

short haircut for overweight women

All people are beautiful and individual by Nature, and the makeup, the clothes, and hairstyles serve to discover and emphasize our natural beauty. And some hairstyles are just better for this goal.  In this article, we’ve collected 15 ideas of fashionable hairstyles that accentuate the charm of plus-sized women. While selecting, we preferred followed hairstyles to other, because they are just great for chubby girls:
1. Hairstyles with asymmetry for any hair length, from the long hair to pixies, ponytails and braids. Asymmetry draws attention to the face, give to hairstyle the eye-catching creative vibe, adjust the shape of the face and the overall silhouette. Do not forget about asymmetrical bangs both short and long if you want to get a more flattering look, but don’t want to change hairstyle dramatically.

best hairstyle for overweight women

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2. Layered haircuts. They are suitable for almost any age and type of hair, look stylish, allow you to remove split hair, you can style it for a couple of minutes, and they visually make the face more elongated.

layered hairstyle for thick hair

IG: @leticiallesmin

3. Long wavy hair in bright shades. This hairstyle is perfect for plus-sized ladies. It distracts attention from the nuances of the figure and impress others and allow them you to start a conversation with you or make you a complement.

best haircut for overweight women

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4. Shoulder-length textured or messy bobs look lively, modern, and perfectly suit to any hair type, especially this year.

haircut for overweight women

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Here are other ideas for chubby girl hairstyles:

#1. Timeless Classic Asymmetric Bob

hairstyle for overweight women with round faces

IG: @squaresalonlv

#2. Classic Blunt Bob In Red Shades

short hairstyle for overweight women

IG: @skullzsalon

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#3. Pixie With Shaved Nape And Floral Pattern

trendy undercut for round face

IG: @chesh1991

#4. Rose Gold Highlight And Razorbob

short haircut for overweight women

IG: @skullzsalon

#6. Gorgeous Blond Curly Hair

haircut for overweight women with round faces

IG: @hairbykristinkowal

#7. Hollywood Glam Curly Bob

flattering hairstyle for overweight women

IG: @trendstudios

#8. Pastel Purple Side Swept Asymmetrical Bob

hairstyles for overweight women

IG: @colorbymelissa

#9. Sassy Haircut With Caramel Highlights On Dark Hair

hairstyle for overweight women

IG: @hairbykimberlynicole

#10. Textured Mid Haircut With Side Swept Bangs

beautiful hairstyle for overweight ladies

IG: @mrs_hall

#11. Ash Violet Balayage On Dark Hair For Round Face

best hairstyle for overweight women

IG: @thehairbrewer

#12.Vibrant Red Curles

short hairstyles for overweight women 2016

IG: @hairbykimberlynicole

#13. Muted Purple Pixie With Asymmetrical Bangs

short hair for overweight women

IG: @bobsteelesalon

#14. Multicolored Voluminous Bob With Undercut

undercut for overweight girls

IG: @hollychristensenhair

#15. Elegant Ash Blond Bob

Elegant haircut for round face

IG: @chrisweberhair

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